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Jun 2017
Simon Gilligan
Jun 23 2017 05:22
Hi all, sorry if this is a dumb question, but can I import a CDN held module in node? eg SystemJS.import(''). I'm guessing no, as I get the error message ... Only file URLs of the form file:/// supported running in Node
Simon Gilligan
Jun 23 2017 05:28
As I do this in the browser (pulling a number of unbundled modules from CDN), I was hoping I could do the same from node, using the same config and CDN sources.
Bret Little
Jun 23 2017 23:16
Is it possible to use with bundles created with jspm bundle? It seems those types of bundles are more than likely to include System.registerDynamic which isn't supported by system-production.js
If not, is the use case for system-production.js only to load jspm build scripts?