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Jun 2017
Guy Bedford
Jun 30 2017 06:06
@kuakman woah nice, support dynamic import code splitting and es6 minification and that can replace SystemJS builder :)
Btw the current path on jspm and SystemJS is towards convention over configuration... will be updating the builder in September along these lines.
Patricio Ferreira
Jun 30 2017 14:45
@guybedford thank you! But I think this experiment is still way too far from being a replacement of systemjs builder ;). You did an amazing job with systemjs and the bundler. I'll probably hit the wall a few times before this project will become a thing. I just wanted to see how hairy it is do what you pretty much did. Also, I'm trying to offer alternatives, proposing different ideas to the community, see if I can learn more about that in general. But well, right now dealing with Ast parsing to extract information of all possible combinations of how people import dependencies either using Cjs, amd or es, this can be a really nightmare. I wish module systems in JavaScript could be a better place for all of us. But it's not haha. Yea I will like to see more of that convention over configuration inside Jspm.