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Jul 2017
William Hilton
Jul 21 2017 16:45
@guybedford Whoa! That's amazing! What is this wizardry, and how come I can't seem to find any information about it besides the small blurb at the bottom of the jspm page?
Guy Bedford
Jul 21 2017 18:16
@wmhilton it's where the original inspiration came from actually, concept was always to have a tightly knit development cdn workflow with offline production build. Will be revamping with jspm 2 hopefully before the end of the year.
Rūdolfs Vikmanis
Jul 21 2017 19:58
Hello! How does SystemJS compare with webpack 3 on bundling speed / runtime overhead?
I guess there must be issues, otherwise why isn't everyone using SystemJS? Overall it looks superior.
Anders Pitman
Jul 21 2017 20:46
Would SystemJS work for simple concatenated files, assuming they are written in AMD/CJS/UMD/etc? I'm unfortunately unable to use a real Node-based build pipeline for the project so everything has to be done with CMake (which is what I'm using to do the concatenation), or loaded at runtime via browser tags.
Peter Müller
Jul 21 2017 21:04
How about loaded runtime via systemjs?
William Hilton
Jul 21 2017 22:00
@guybedford Still wrapping my head around this. How does JSPM CDN do that? Is it doing some kind of processing on the modules on the server side? Or is the version of SystemJS that's on the CDN preconfigured to fetch it's packages from there? I'm able to import modules from the console of the homepage that I either couldn't from unpkg or required "paths" configuration before. Is a knockoff then? Or a collaboration?