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Nov 2017
Steve Belovarich
Nov 20 2017 19:22
Anyone know the best way to map requests for rxjs after 5.5.0. I had the following in my SystemJS config prior to 5.5.0:
'rxjs': 'npm: rxjs’,
But now rxjs is split up into so many modules, I have to keep adding them a la carte to my config
Is there a catch all?
Nov 20 2017 19:28
rxjs should still have the all-in-one bundle. see bundles/ directory in the rxjs package.
Steve Belovarich
Nov 20 2017 19:30
So if I do something like this:
'rxjs*': 'npm: rxjs/bundles/Rx.js’,
My app still 404s on requests for classes like rxjs/Observable
Basically I want to map any request to npm:rxjs to the appropriate file
Without having to keep updating the config
Miloš Lapiš
Nov 20 2017 19:37
@steveblue ... Steve, I re-bundle RxJS ... and then I am using this config ...
bundles: {
        "rxjs-bundle/Rx.min.js": [
Steve Belovarich
Nov 20 2017 19:38
Right now I have to do something like
      'rxjs/Subject': 'lib:rxjs/Subject',
      'rxjs/BehaviorSubject': 'lib:rxjs/BehaviorSubject',
      'rxjs/Observable': 'lib:rxjs/Observable',
      'rxjs/observable/merge': 'lib:rxjs/observable/merge',
      'rxjs/observable/of': 'lib:rxjs/observable/of',
      'rxjs/observable/from': 'lib:rxjs/observable/from',
      'rxjs/observable/forkJoin': 'lib:rxjs/observable/forkJoin',
      'rxjs/observable/fromPromise': 'lib:rxjs/observable/fromPromise',
      'rxjs/operator/share': 'lib:rxjs/operator/share',
      'rxjs/operator/concatMap': 'lib:rxjs/operator/concatMap',
      'rxjs/operator/filter': 'lib:rxjs/operator/filter',
      'rxjs/operator/map': 'lib:rxjs/operator/map',
      'rxjs/operator/catch': 'lib:rxjs/operator/catch',
      'rxjs/operator/mergeMap': 'lib:rxjs/operator/mergeMap',
Let me try your example
How are you “rebundling” rxjs @mlc-mlapis ?
Miloš Lapiš
Nov 20 2017 19:43
@steveblue ... this is Gulp task for it:
gulp.task('rxjs', function() {
    var options = {
        normalize: true,
        runtime: false,
        sourceMaps: true,
        sourceMapContents: true,
        minify: true,
        mangle: true
    var builder = new systemjsbuilder('./');
        paths: {
            "n:*": "node_modules/*",
            "rxjs/*": "node_modules/rxjs/*.js",
        map: {
            "rxjs": "n:rxjs",
        packages: {
            "rxjs": {main: "Rx.js", defaultExtension: "js"},
    builder.bundle('rxjs', 'rxjs-bundle/Rx.min.js', options);
Steve Belovarich
Nov 20 2017 19:43
Oh wow, you really are rebuilding it, LOL
Miloš Lapiš
Nov 20 2017 19:45
@steveblue ... for RxJS 5.5.x remember to add operators.js file to rxjs directory ... it is a clone of index.js from operators directory with updated paths.
@steveblue ... it is already reported issue which will be solved in RxJS 5.5.3
Steve Belovarich
Nov 20 2017 19:52
TY @mlc-mlapis
Miloš Lapiš
Nov 20 2017 19:52
@steveblue :+1: