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Dec 2017
Ændrew Rininsland
Dec 14 2017 17:32
Howdy folks, I’m doing something weird and running into some odd behaviours as a result — effectively, I’m loading SystemJS via CDN and then running System.config mapping systemjs to a CDN URL. In the module I then load from that, I’m then wanting to do System.import('./some-es6-module.js'), but am getting a 404 for fs. Any ideas?
Ændrew Rininsland
Dec 14 2017 17:38
If I don’t do a import SystemJS from 'systemjs'; and instead rely on the version of SystemJS already available via global, things work.
Aluan Haddad
Dec 14 2017 20:52
Try running console.log(await SystemJS.normalize('./some-es6-module.js'));
If you just want a new instance of the loader there's an easier way