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Aug 2018
Thomas Sieverding
Aug 22 2018 00:26
@jjrv The biggest difference between StealJS and SystemJS is a difference in path resolution. There’s some thread about it in github that’s pretty old, but they started to differentiate after the creator of SystemJS started rejecting collaboration
I originally started out using SystemJS and ended up switching over to StealJS after I ran into constraints while building plugins and I feel really good about that transition. That was a while ago, so I don’t know how they’ve differentiated further since
Juha Järvi
Aug 22 2018 04:15
@Bajix Thanks for the explanation! At least now there didn't seem to be any difficulties in reconfiguring path resolution to this extent, and I'm happy to maintain a separate project that just hooks SystemJS. Hopefully this can still be made to work with 2.0...