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Oct 2018
Gordon Smith
Oct 01 2018 05:39
I probably missed it, but is there a simple boilerplate example of rollup + codesplitting +s.js anywhere?
Thanks all for the support
@OptimusGhandi_twitter I hoped the release post would clarify those points, but let me know if there's anything else I can clarify re roadmap
Gordon Smith
Oct 01 2018 15:06
@guybedford I don't see any reference to s.js in there (or in
Oct 01 2018 16:48
I'd like to source s.js from Does anyone know how that gets updated? I've searched briefly and didn't find anything.
Guy Bedford
Oct 01 2018 17:57
I think you can create an issue / PR at
would definitely be good to see the CdnJS version update