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Oct 2018
Oct 02 2018 02:51
It looks like SystemJS 2.0 is a super-minimal rewrite, for which features can be added at build time. I don't really like the removal of support for bundling. The justification is "just compile multiple files serverside, or just makes lots of requests and http/2 will pick up the slack". I wish I could use http/2, but with IT, old servers, and clients with IT and managed workstations full of legacy software, plenty of important machines run Windows 7 (or equivalent) with no http/2 support. As for compiling server side, if I create a build containing Backbone and dependencies, and later, I request underscore, there is no way to know that underscore has already been loaded -- which takes away a great deal of dynamism.
Guy Bedford
Oct 02 2018 11:59
@OptimusGhandi_twitter as discussed in the release post, the final set of extras is up to the community
Some examples of extras:
  • Named bundles support fro System.register (effectively legacy builder support)
  • CommonJS loading support
  • Legacy plugin / config support
Please post a feature request if you are interested in this
as for why this is legacy, this is discussed in the release post, but the gist of it is that with Rollup code splitting we can know that underscore has already been loaded, and further we can remove parts of underscore that aren't used by either dependent call to underscore - this is the way optimization is going in JS
and this will continue to get better over the coming years
until the "startup code coverage" reaches close to 95% of the code loaded on startup
Oct 02 2018 15:56
Hey everyone! Let's go post feature requests!