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Oct 2018
Chris Knoll
Oct 07 2018 06:07
Hello, I'm investigating SystemJS as an alternative to our current module loading system, and I looked around the main SystemJS repo, but I can't really find a complete example. Is there a git repo that could be forked/cloned that has a simple 3 or 4 example modules that are coded, and perhaps maybe an example of loading external (non-local)? I'm basicaly looking something a bit deeper than the main repo's shows (which is basically a html script tag that refernces some external file, and it's not really clear what should be in that file, or what necessary configuration needs to be set up). Thanks in advance!
(Preferably using SystemJS 2.0)
Guy Bedford
Oct 07 2018 13:40
@chrisknoll SystemJS 2.0 is still pretty new so there isn't much information available at the moment. Help fleshing out SystemJS 2.0 workflows is very welcome, and where there are problems I'm all ears to help out. The closest thing to an example workflow is probably the Rollup code splitting workflow (
This doesn't demonstrate package map library configuration though with externals
which would be a key workflow when doing this
the whole point being you can load System.register with ES semantics and chunking, and then still reference libraries with import 'jquery' etc, with the package map loading those as globals or AMD from a library server somewhere
Otherwise if you click on the 0.21 link, workflows there should be slightly similar, although the SystemJS 0.21-style bundling workflows are being deprecated with 2.0