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Nov 2018
Franz K.H.
Nov 02 2018 13:16
Hi, I'm using systemjs 2, with bundles generated by rollup. I also use postcss and rollup-plugin-postcss to extract the css. In the JS, there's "import '@org/module/ui/style.pcss' - and now system gives me " Unable to resolve bare specifier @org/module/ui/style.pcss". How can I tell systemjs to just ignore that import?
Guy Bedford
Nov 02 2018 16:49
@Frando the best would probably be to configure @org/module/ui/style.pcss to a file containing an empty source during the Rollup build. This way it won’t be included. This can be done with Rollup-plugin-alias I think.
Alternatively you could use a package map to do the same thing in the browser but the first is probably preferable