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Nov 2018
Nov 19 2018 20:37
Awesome work @guybedford! I've been using SystemJS in a project to allow disparate and sometimes incompatible codebases to work as a single page app via a React wrapper and was able to update to SystemJS 2.0 pretty easily. Prior, though, I was using systemjs-builder to create a vendor bundle that would register multiple libraries via a single file. With the builder being deprecated, I switched to Package Name Maps. With the new Package Name Maps it looks like I need to now import each library js file individually. I'm not sure if I missed it in the documentation, but is there a way with SystemJS 2.0 to easily load a bundle of multiple 3rd party libraries from a single JS file and maintain their named references? In my example project, I don't have long enough of a list of 3rd party shared modules where it would matter, but I can see scenarios where that list could get rather long and delay initial loads for some projects.