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Repo info
    Stefano Zaghi
    sorry but you used different apex from which I suggeted... try to copy one of mine...
    the apex i ``` not '
    you are too young
    Giacomo Rossi
    ### Test Utils Module
    1. Eulerian flow
      * One-dimensional jet
    2. Viscous flow
      * One-dimensional jet
      * Parabolic jet
    I haven't read your message carefully...
    Stefano Zaghi
    Ok, your md is wrong
    maybe you have been misled from github, but in markdown for the second level list you must use at least 4 leading white space, otherwise the list is not correctly recognized
    Giacomo Rossi
    ok thanks, now it works!!!
    but why here in gitter my example works?
    Stefano Zaghi

    you are welcome

    because gitter has its own flavored markdown that has smart-list logic

    you will add to the FoXy team by default...

    Giacomo Rossi
    ok thank you!
    I hope I can give you a little pinkie (I'm not so good to give you all an hand!)
    Stefano Zaghi
    I will take all things you will give me...
    Giacomo Rossi
    hi @szaghi I've a lot of problem with math processing equations in MaTiSSe.py: I receive a lot of 'math processing error' with chromium on archlinux, also if the formulas are correct
    maybe it's a chromium problem? Because MaTiSSe.py, also in verbose mode, doesn't show to me any error
    Giacomo Rossi
    a little (but I think very useful) update: the errors are reported only by chromium executed in my old laptop, while if I try to see the index.html file from chromium executed in my old workstation at work (x2go, I love you!), the formulas are all ok. So the problem is chromium installed on my laptop... any idea?
    Stefano Zaghi
    it is probably due to the javascript used by different Chromium version. MaTiSSe rely on MathJax javascript, thus if you have different rendering with the same MathJax it is probably due to the javascript interpreter. I am sorry, but Angelica is waiting me... see you tomorrow!
    Giacomo Rossi
    I think I've solved: on my fresh archlinux installed on my laptop I've installed the icedtea plugin and I've set the java from openjdk and not the proprietary one provided by Oracle: now the equations are very good! Yes, there are still a lot of bugs, but this is, how we say in Italy, 'another speech' :-)
    Stefano Zaghi
    I am going to fix them. Do you have a priority list?
    Giacomo Rossi
    maybe the problem with the box and the theme... #31
    Stefano Zaghi
    Giacomo Rossi
    I think that you can add into the wiki that the recommended java runtime environment is the openjdk (for me version 8 it's fine) and the icedtea plugin
    Stefano Zaghi
    i am not using openjdk, i am using oracle and it works fine...
    Giacomo Rossi
    you are using Oracle? and the Open Source?????
    Stefano Zaghi
    indeed no, I am also using OpenJDK
    Giacomo Rossi
    you're the best!!!
    Stefano Zaghi
    anyhow there should not be a preferred jre, it must be simple up-to-date
    Giacomo Rossi
    I'm not sure...
    anyhow, I've another problem on my laptop... MaTiSSe won't compile my presentation
    Before that you ask to me, I'm using python 2.7! :-D
    giacomo@devil(12:44 PM Fri Jul 03) on master [!?]
    ~/Dropbox/Lavoro-University/PhD_Thesis/Talk 29 files, 70Mb
    → MaTiSSe.py --verbose -i pres_dott.md --indented --toc-at-subsec-beginning 2
    MaTiSSe.py configuration
    Verbose mode: True
    Indent html output: True
    LaTeX equations rendering by means offline, local copy of MathJax
    Highlight.js style: github.css
    Insert TOC at sections beginning: None
    Insert TOC at subsections beginning: 2
    Parsing source pres_dott.md
    Attention: found a bad usage of "# section" presentation sectioning!
    The data:
    is placed before the first section defined
    The correct usage is the follwong:
    1. place the subsection/data slides (e.g. "## subsection ### sllide") after the first defined section;
    2. not use at all the section partitioning.
      Table of Contents
      1 Introduction
      1.1 Problem Characterization
      1.1.1 Table of Contents
      1.1.2 Turbulent Combustion
      1.1.3 HENG
      1.1.4 Research Motivations
      1.1.5 Sandia/ETH-Zurich 'Flame A'
      1.1.6 Numerical Simulation of 'Flame A'<sup>1</sup>
      2 Matematical Model
      2.1 Conservation Laws
      2.1.1 Table of Contents
      2.1.2 Conservation Laws for a Viscous, Multispecies and Chemical Reacting Flow
      2.2 Constitutive Equations
      2.2.1 Table of Contents
      2.2.2 Momentum Diffusive Flux
      2.2.3 The Diffusive Heat Flux
      2.2.4 The Diffusive Species Heat Flux
      2.2.5 Hirschfelder and Curtiss Law
      2.3 LES Model
      2.3.1 Table of Contents
      2.3.2 LES Model
      2.3.3 Subgrid Terms
      2.3.4 Subgrid Stresses Modelling
      2.3.5 Subgrid Stresses Modelling -- continued
      2.3.6 Heat and Diffusive Subgrid Flux Modelling
      2.3.7 LTSM Model
      2.3.8 LTSM Model -- continued
      3 Numerical Model
      3.1 Numerical Model
      3.1.1 Table of Contents
      3.1.2 Numerical Schemes
      3.1.3 Staggered Grid Scheme
      3.1.4 Staggered Grid Scheme -- continued
      4 Mesh Refinement for HeaRT Code
      4.1 Joined-Grids Approach
      4.1.1 Table of Contents
      4.1.2 Multi-Block Mesh Refinement
      4.1.3 Solution Algorithm
      4.2 Restriction
      4.2.1 Table of Contents
      4.2.2 Scalar Restriction
      4.2.3 Flux Restriction
      4.3 Prolongation
      4.3.1 Table of Contents
      4.3.2 Prolongation
      4.3.3 Prolongation -- continued
      4.3.4 Prolongation -- continued
      4.3.5 Interpolation Stencils
      4.3.6 Interpolation Stencils -- continued
      4.3.7 Interpolation Stencils -- continued
      4.3.8 Variable Treatment
      5 Numerical Results
      5.1 Preliminary Validation
      5.1.1 Table of Contents
      5.1.2 Jet Simulations
      5.1.3 Eulerian Flow Numerical Results
      5.1.4 Eulerian Flow Numerical Results (continued)
      5.1.5 Viscous Flow Numerical Results
      5.1.6 Viscous Flow Numerical Results (continued)
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/bin/MaTiSSe.py", line 5, in <module>
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/matisse.py", line 112, in main
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/presentation/presentation.py", line 347, in save
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/presentation/presentation.py", line 294, in to_html
      html = slide.to_html(position=pos, theme=self.theme.slide)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/presentation/slide.py", line 252, in to_html
      actual_theme.content.to_html(doc=doc, content='\n' + self.raw_body_parse())
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/presentation/slide.py", line 206, in raw_body_parse
      content = box.parse(token[1])
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/matisse/theme/box.py", line 281, in parse
      obfuscatesource = re.sub(_rebox, box.to_html(), obfuscate_source, 1)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/re.py", line 155, in sub
      return _compile(pattern, flags).sub(repl, string, count)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/re.py", line 286, in _subx
      template = _compile_repl(template, pattern)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/re.py", line 273, in _compile_repl
      raise error, v # invalid expression
    this is the output
    Stefano Zaghi
    the output is only half of the scenario... I need also the input...
    Giacomo Rossi
    yes, you're right...
    now I try with a MWE
    Stefano Zaghi
    Giacomo Rossi
    it's not so easy...
    with only one slide everything seems ok... now I'm adding more and more slides and the problem appears...
    Stefano Zaghi
    take the minum number of slides
    Giacomo Rossi
    I've send you an e-mail with the minimum not-working example
    Stefano Zaghi
    how do you compile it
    you do not send me sapienza_theme.md
    I have the figure... not your theme
    Stefano Zaghi
    I am waiting your theme
    Giacomo Rossi
    yes you're right, sorry!
    Stefano Zaghi
    dear Giacomo, now the full md support on boxes is disabled... thus you cannot put math into them...