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Sam Saccone
hey @arthurvr
Arthur Verschaeve
Sam Saccone
Sam Saccone
hi @arthurvr
as much as everyone hates gitter
I think this is still a better place to chat hahaha
compared to the hangout hahaha
Artem Denysov
Hi everyone. I was inpired by awasome app ideas and got some thought. Github has a lot of cool projects, some of them is supported, some is supported part-time and unsupported by still used.
Is it woth to create some list awasome projects which need help? Community can see this list and help projects which need help.
@channel What do you think about it?
Yang, Bo
Hi, I just create a Binding.scala TodoMVC application: https://thoughtworksinc.github.io/todo
The Pull Request is created at tastejs/todomvc#1615, is there anybody who can review it?

I think the Binding.scala TodoMVC example is worth to be merged because it has the tiniest code size among all the TodoMVC implementations,

Only one source file, 150 lines of source code for all required and optional features!

Patricio M. Ros
I have ELIFECYCLE errno 10 when I run npm run test -- --framework=angular2_es2015
tests stop at test number 10
it works for me with --framework=angularjs
any help?
Hi, i just created a Pull Request tastejs/todomvc#1789 for the escape key deletion bug in jQuery version. I am a beginner, can anybody help me out with the travis error?
Haroen Viaene
The error message doesn't say much
Try pushing a trivial change
@Haroenv I tried that too before PR, don't know why that error is occuring
Haroen Viaene
I'm sorry
@Haroenv no, why are you sorry, its Ok, none of your fault.
actually this is my 1st pull request, so don't know much.
Haroen Viaene
For not being able to help
@Haroenv no problem, i guess someone else in the group might be able to help.
@samccone help me out with #1789
Hi folks, just stumbled across this project and realworldapps in mhy ef
*in my effort to learn new frameworks. Glad to be here!
Fady Samir Sadek
@asutosh97 the tests are broken , there may not be any issues with your code . There are efforts by the Cypress team to convert the tests from selenium to Cypress and hopefully make it work again