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Jul 2015
Helio Alves
Jul 17 2015 12:40
Hi guys, this is going to sound like a stupid question :) but how do I link to interactjs? I've tried with the CDN // and linking directly to but I can't get it to work :( am I missing something?please take a look at this CodePen I've copied everything from the demo on but it looks like it is not linking to interactjs
Jul 17 2015 15:52
@SkyN The drag action was started correctly. The problem is that you added only a move event listener. The move is like a normal mousemove or touchmove. You also need a dragmove event listener to respond to the dragging.

@alves The main problem is that you don't have code for dragging. You should copy that from the dragging demo on the homepage.

/* The dragging code for '.draggable' from the demo above
 * applies to this demo as well so it doesn't have to be repeated. */

You should use

Jul 17 2015 19:39
@taye i think that makes perfect sense (based on how i was thinking about the whole process. Will try it out, let you know. Thks!
Jul 17 2015 19:40
No problem!