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Oct 2015
Zeeshan Jan
Oct 14 2015 05:53
Hi I am currently implementing the drag and drop using interact.js I would like to snap the div back to the start position but when I try to do that it always snaps to slightly to right and sometimes to top
I have used `````js
 snap: {
    mode: 'anchor',
    anchors: [startPos],
    range: Infinity,
    elementOrigin: { x: 0.5, y: 0.5 },
    endOnly: true
Oct 14 2015 11:20
Hello people, i am currently trying to make draggable object can only dragged into a specific tables cells. i have restricted it into table zone, but elements still can be dragged to borders of a table. Is there a way to let objects to dragged only to table cells? Thank you
Danny Jager
Oct 14 2015 12:54
@taye Thanks! And yes, that's true, but now I have at least an idea where to start :smile:
And that is the hardest part of programming imo, knowing where to start :worried: