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Oct 2015
Oct 26 2015 12:11
Hi @taye. I've used interact.js to successfully support dragging of rotated objects. I now need to support resizing of rotated objects. I started with the resizing example on your homepage and added a rotate transform to the css (see but this doesn't work out of the box. I was heading down the line of adding resize handlers to my objects and using selectors for the edges. Could you advise me whether this is the right way to go? I don't need to support resizing top and left, but I do need to support resizing of bottom, right, and bottom and right at the same time. Thanks in advance for any help.
Stefan Smiljkovic
Oct 26 2015 12:51
@taye is kind of template builder or something ?
Oct 26 2015 17:49
A element restriction doesn't appear to account for resized draggables (see How can I make a restriction account for resizing?