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Dec 2015
Peter Hodges
Dec 01 2015 17:02
Has anyone had any luck getting WebDriverJS to work with InteractJS elements to automate a UI? I've got WebDriver performing a drag on an element and the InteractJS start and move callbacks fire but the event.dx/event.dy values are 0. Therefore, no drag actually occurs.
Peter Hodges
Dec 01 2015 18:04

OK. I have a hacky workaround.

InteractJS seems to treat the first WebDriver mouseMove event as a "zero move". So, if you perform a dummy move before the actual move, it works.

                .mouseMove({x: -1, y: -1})
                .mouseMove({x: 1, y: 1})
                .mouseMove({x: 0, y: -10})

WebDriverJS performs all mouse movements in quick time so I guess it's something like Interact debouncing the events.

Dec 01 2015 23:46
mousedown event doesn’t seem to fire on draggable elements in IE:
commenting out the interact portion seems to allow the event to fire
any ideas on how to work around this?
IE 11 on windows 7 btw