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May 2016
May 18 2016 05:12
Hi all. Nice work . I'm using an example from your site resize/drag- but the dragging does not work. Any ideas why?
Daniel Quernheim
May 18 2016 08:36
@yarnball You're missing window.dragMoveListener, it's defined in the first example
May 18 2016 09:39
@quernd Ah thank you- easy. I'm trying to build a "zoomer" using this tool. Anyone able to give insight/advice whether this can be done? Check my above codepen for the demo
Kieran Irving
May 18 2016 10:42
@yarnball Just track the x & y of the "zoomer" element and manipulate the image using dynamic css?
basically apply the x, y and the height and width to the image in a way that will zoom it in where you want it
shouldn't be too difficult ;)