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May 2017
May 03 2017 05:28
Seems draggable is dead. Chrome starts acting as iOS safari , even more worst - unhandled history swipe at the any screen point , if you have a win10 and a laptop with touch screen
And some unpredictable behavior in ms edge
IMO If you haven't a PWA or native, it's better to forget
May 03 2017 10:37
Trying to restrict the resize interaction, I wonder if there is a way to set the allowed resize area dynamically, so I could calculate and set it from the resize onstart listener?
May 03 2017 10:52
From the docs, I don't really understand what this type rect ought to look like which should be used to restrict a resizable. Can someone give me an example?
May 03 2017 13:48
@koutsenko are you talking about the viewport changes that mean you cant fix the viewport size anymore, or a specific bug in interact.js itself?
May 03 2017 13:49
I talk about browser history walks happens when you dragging something to right side
No events, no settings, just swipe hell. I thought it was only iOS safari, but yesterday got it on my laptop with broken touchpad and working touchscreen
Sorry, I leave a chat
May 03 2017 13:53
gotcha, thanks for the clarification
May 03 2017 14:20
Does interact js support multi select option for rectangles? I should be able to multi select using via lasso with the mouse and via control key click.
If this is possible then I want multi resize and multi drag-drop features also.
May 03 2017 17:04
I am having issues when my draggable object has scrollbars. With Firefox I am unable to click and drag the scrollbar position. I can click the Up and Down arrows and it will scroll, but when clicking the scroller it fires the drag event for the object. With IE it is worse. I can click and drag the scroller but when I unclick, the resize event fires with the button up and I have to rightclick to get it to stop. Here is my example.
May 03 2017 19:19
Currently having trouble importing interact.js with AMD require.js, says "interact" is not a function? Thought it might be a constructor, but throws a similar error there. Aside from require(["./interact"], (interact) => {..}); is there anything additional to access this module?
May 03 2017 23:28
Hi! I use interact.js in my experimental program. But there is some things that confuses me a bit. My custom event (mousedown, mouseup) that I assigned (through delegation) to a div with .draggable class, both - doesn't fire! But if to remove '.draggable' class, these events fire well. Is there event bubbling is actually stopped inside the interact.js , how can I enable it?