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Aug 2017
Aug 04 2017 18:15
I am still having issues creating an interactable that contains a scrolling div that allows me to resize and drag-drop. I have tried using the allowFrom but that just made it worse. My jsfiddle -
Aug 04 2017 19:06
Hey there! Thanks for this library, it's been a lifesaver. I've been working on a pretty basic implementation of a pinch-to-zoom gesturable, taken almost verbatim from the example on the homepage. However, event.ds (the delta of the scale of the gesture) seems to be somehow based on the initial size of the gesturable. That is, when the initial size of the gesturable is fairly small, during the gesture the pinchzoom works as I would expect, and scales linearly. However, if I make one gesture to increase the size a significant amount, any gesture I make to decrease the size has an incredibly small event.ds, and therefore takes multiple gestures to return to its original size (whereas it took a single gesture to get to that large size). Is there a known workaround for this?
Aug 04 2017 19:12
The larger the image, the more pronounced the effect is. I can reproduce this with the example on, but the image width is only 256px, so the effect isn't as pronounced. I'm using this for a zoom effect on images on an e-commerce site, so the width could be up to 3000px.