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Oct 2017
Oct 22 2017 09:39
He guys. Any ideas on how to combine dragging, resizing & Pinch-to-zoom together? This combination will make dragging & resizing possible on both desktop and mobile. Is it even possible with interact.js?
Oct 22 2017 19:31
Hi guys, I'm using vuejs in conjuction with interact.js right now I have a bottom menu that's a div with position: absolute, within that is another div which holds a large list of elements. I'm using vue and a conditional to create a duplicate of the icon which I want to drag out of the bottom container and on to the main content area, however the scroll bar screws up the drag, the first couple of elements drag fine, but once I start scrolling the the icon is not in the right position. position: relative fixes this, but then I can't drag the element outside of the bottom-menu element. Whats a possible work around for this?