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Repo info
    Thomas Roten
    I have a wiki file for a project. I don't have any viewports on it (nor do I want any). I want to create a task on the page and have it automatically associated with the project. I was looking at issue # 6 where @tbabej mentions that Project: definitions above the task should do it. This isn't working for me. Is that still a feature?
    Tomas Babej
    @tsroten No, that feature was removed long time ago. May I ask why viewports are not a viable solution?
    Thomas Roten
    Any of my given projects will have multiple wiki pages. I don't want a viewport on each of the pages (although having a viewport on the "main" page for a project is nice). From what I can tell, when you use a viewport, if you create a task further down on the page, the task is then shown twice on that page -- once directly under the viewport and once further down where you created it.
    Tomas Babej
    I understand. As far as I can tell your issue would be solved by implementing issue #69 .
    Toni Janz
    Quick question: Are there known issues running taskwiki with neovim?
    bad question--please ignore ;-)
    Steve George
    I'm having a problem with Viewports (or I don't understand them). Basically, they're showing all the tasks in my taskwarrior database. For example, I've added three "Birthday party" tasks with a project of "bparty". When I list them in taskwarrior it shows those tasks and those tasks only: task project:bparty list. But, in taskwiki when I add the filter, it shows everything: == Bparty view | project:bparty ==. If I inspect it, it says that it matches all 78 tasks in my taskwarrior database. It says "Filter used: <blank> ; Defaults used: project:bparty ; Odering used: status+,end+,due+,pri-,project+; Matching taskwarrior tasks: 78". How do I get taskwiki to only show a viewport of my project bparty?
    Tomas Babej
    That seems to be correct usage
    maybe missing spaces around | are the problem?
    can you maybe paste somewhere the content of the file? censor the tasks or something, if their sennsitive
    just so we see exactly what's there
    but I suspect just some viewport syntax problem, missing space or something
    Steve George
    Just created a new taskwarrior database. Here's the Vimwiki '' page:
    I can get tasklib to do it from within python fine
    $ python3
    tw = tasklib.TaskWarrior(data_location='~/.task')
    [Buy some food, Plan some party games, Decorate the room, Have a birthday party]
    Steve George
    @tbabej spaces are definitely there, and the only thing I can see is that the 'Filter used' line of :TaskWikiInspect is blank
    Duncan Murray
    Hi there, I can see this room isn't that active - but I have a couple of questions - anyone around?!
    What are your questions?
    Next time just ask them lol
    Steve Dondley
    Noticed the issue queue has some issues that have been resolved and can be closed. Let me know if you need help.
    Joshua Santos
    Hello all, for some reason after installing taskwiki I don't get any related commands in vim
    compiled with +python3 and all deps installed
    Joshua Santos
    I figured it out, it was using python3.8 (from homebrew)
    and I was testing with deps installed to system python
    Tomáš Janoušek
    I finally realized I should maybe update the README when making changes and only just found out there's this chat, so: hello everyone :-)