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Rafael Schouten
any idea how to scatter on all subplots?
[slack] <nils.gudat> I was completely unaware that that's even possible, but yeah I see the same with any other strings as well (same indexes get skipped), e.g. bar(collect('a':'z')[1:20], errs)
[slack] <nils.gudat> Although my impression was that the intended way to construct the plot you're looking for is bar(1:20, errs, xticks = (1:20, labels))
[slack] <daschw> ticks = :all to show all strings
[slack] <arnavs> so I’m able to use the new PGFPlotsX backend in Plots to produce nice-looking graphs
[slack] <arnavs> but I’m struggling to include the saved output (i.e., from savefig) in the actual tex fille
[slack] <arnavs> @kristofferc it looks like I can do PGFPlotsX.pgfsave on a Plot object… but I’m seeing this error: MethodError: no method matching save(::String, ::Plots.Plot{Plots.PGFPlotsXBackend})
[slack] <arnavs> is there any suggestions?
[slack] <asinghvi17> Have you tried savefig?
[slack] <asinghvi17> I don’t think Plots uses FileiO
[slack] <arnavs> I tried savefig (see earlier message)
[slack] <kristofferc> Yeah, you cannot call pgfsave on the Plots object. You need something like pgfsave("blah.tex", Plots.backend_object(p))
[slack] <arnavs> I see. Thanks.

[slack] <arnavs> In the docs it says

Save the argument (either TikzDocument, or some other type which is wrapped in one automatically, eg TikzPicture, Axis, or Plot)

[slack] <arnavs> So I assumed it would happen automatically. I’ll submit a PR if this works
[slack] <asinghvi17> Ah…interesting that that doesn’t work
[slack] <kristofferc> A PR to what?
[slack] <arnavs> the docs
[slack] <kristofferc> For what package 😛?
[slack] <arnavs> PGFPlotsX
[slack] <arnavs> i.e., clarifying the “automatically” bit
[slack] <arnavs> although now I see MethodError: no method matching save(::String, ::Plots.PGFPlotsXPlot)
[slack] <kristofferc> pgfsave?
[slack] <arnavs> yeah
[slack] <arnavs> PGFPlotsX.pgfsave("output/test-plot.tex", Plots.backend_object(p))
[slack] <kristofferc> Oh, Plots.PGFPlotsXPlot still a Plots object
[slack] <arnavs> it produces TeX output, but it just doesn’t get included properly
[slack] <arnavs> maybe Plots.backend_object(p).the_plot
[slack] <arnavs> I’ll play arounud with it
[slack] <arnavs> yeah, that did the trick
[slack] <kristofferc> Anyway, PGFPlotsX knows nothing about Plots so it doesn't really make sense to document anything about Plots there
[slack] <arnavs> fair enough
[slack] <arnavs> backend usage docs should probably go in Plots.jl
[slack] <kristofferc> It seems that savefig should just work or there should be specific docs for how to get a working tex output at least
[slack] <asinghvi17> Is the TeX output a standalone document?
[slack] <asinghvi17> Because it seems the backend code forces a standalone document to be printed
[slack] <asinghvi17> here’s the function:
[slack] <asinghvi17> @loki._. is there a reason we force preamble printing? Can it be avoided, through a kwarg or global setting?
[slack] <loki._.> What do you mean by, "we force preamble printing"? If you want a standalone ".tex" file you need to construct the plot with tex_output_standalone = true
[slack] <loki._.> That will have the preamble included
[slack] <arnavs> it spits out something which is TeX, but it can’t be included in LaTeX documents out of the box (at elast, that I could see)
[slack] <arnavs> whereas the PGFPlotsX output cna be
[slack] <arnavs> tex_output_standalone = true …. this would have been a helpful flag to know.
[slack] <arnavs> there weren’t options that I could see documented on the savefig , but that would probaby do it
[slack] <loki._.> It's passed to the plot call not savefig ( I can't explain why, probably because it is quite special to pgfplots)
[slack] <asinghvi17> Does it contain \documentclass or any other thing which should be in the preamble?
[slack] <piever> There is an include_preamble option for that here: https://kristofferc.github.io/PGFPlotsX.jl/stable/man/save.html#Exporting-to-files-1 so maybe the Plots interface can expose that option as well
[slack] <kristofferc> I think that is what this post describes how to do
[slack] <loki._.> that is documented here. Though finding something in the Plots docs can definetly be improved.