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    Felipe Sciammarella
    Hi! Thank you for implementing tealang, it was a joy to learn about it through Microsoft Research yt channel!
    As a Biologist, I can state that it will surely be a great help in avoiding misuses of statistical tests
    A problem I face way to much, to be frank
    I'm very interested in tealang's evolution as a framework and a tool! Keep up the good work. Thank you once more. :)
    Erin Khoo
    hello, does the Colab example nb need to import tea in a special way? its not available as a module (via import sys of something)
    Erin Khoo
    had to do !pip install tea
    Eunice Jun
    @FSciammarella Thanks so much for your encouragement! Should you run into any problems, please share! We are actively working on improving Tea to support more use cases, etc. so I'd love to hear about analyses/projects you wish you could use Tea to do. :)
    @erinkhoo Hi! I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with the Colab example. Tea is just like any other Python package. Which OS are you using?
    Erin Khoo
    I was trying it on Google Colab
    Eunice Jun
    I think some dependencies were not listed. The latest version of Tea on pip (0.3.0) should address this issue! (You can try pip install --upgrade tealang) on your console.
    Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking questions, but I really want to use this program and am having trouble installing it. I was trying to run tea and on import I get the error "AttributeError: module 'z3' has no attribute 'BoolSort'". I just installed z3 for the first time today, so I know it is up to date. Any idea what might be happening here?
    Hi, I'm in a situation where I have lightbulbs produced by one of two processes A and B. A lightbulbs have had 23 failures out of the 1 million lightbulbs produced and B light bulbs have had 62 failures out of the 100 million lightbulbs produced. However since Tea requires data to be a long format csv , does that mean I'd need to create a csv that's like:
    Type, Failure
    A, 1
    A, 1
    with 101 million rows? I'd much rather be able to just input a CSV that was like
    Type, outcome , value
    A, failure, 23
    A , success, 999977
    B, failure, 62
    B, success, 99999938
    would the second count as a long format?