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    Also hello @everyone I'm @leopere from GitHub I seem to have volunteered to see if I can't get TellForm whipped back into shape. I don't code in the languages required to do this but I can manage anyone who are willing to contribute. I can do Docker stuff, I have run a dev team I do CI/CD stuff typically using GitLab rather than GitHub, I've worked with SaltStack and am a heavy Docker user.
    I'm planning on helping avoid letting TellForm die off. If anyone has anyone or is a person who is interested in taking on helping maintain a FOSS project like TellForm let me know.
    @Leopere are you still maintaining TellForm? Project Discordia on Discord is interested in using it, maybe also assisting in development if needed, we don't have a large team, but we have 9 active developers, and a few web/design devs. Hit me up on Discord if you still actively maintain the project Joseph#6625
    Dr. Robert J Watkins
    jordan reiser
    hello, has anyone on here integrated this with a wordpress site?
    Pesach Gelfand
    i noticed the examples on your website are not accessible
    also the contact page is also not accessible
    I want to create a free typeform alternative and ill pay for the hosting fees. So hopefully we can work on this together.
    @discordialabs I was hosting a Discord for a bit but seemed kinda hopeless for a bit there but we have a few contributors perking up.
    Sorry about my extremely slow reply this is the only community I am a part of that relies exclusively on Gitter. I have almost no drive to add a 12th god damn chat thing that doesn't federate.
    My biggest focus is getting it deployable via Docker and the vulnerable packages updated asap.
    @pesach I'm willing to go that route if you are. I was thinking of setting up a docker node that had a --rm flag on it that would periodically kill itself and replace itself.
    Discord URL updated https://discord.gg/wU9RAeC
    the last URL was giving temporary membership.
    Via PR #344 it's working proper.
    By default.
    Then build project (on step grunt build) from master an error occurs
    Verifying property i18nlint.server exists in config...ERROR
    Juan Carlos ExpĆ³sito
    Hi! Is it me or the Examples area is not working? Neither the stage.tellform.com part...
    I just wanted to check some working tellforms
    Ok, I see previous comments... I'm not alone. Hope you guys can continue this someday!
    @jotacee_twitter we did it's over on https://ohmyform.com
    And its functional with all of the updates that @whitef0x0 had queued up for it over the past two years!
    The only thing remaining which is slotted to be fixed over the coming days is we're going to be fixing the signup issue.
    Feel free to check out the live demo of the TellForm continuation at https://demo.ohmyform.com
    I didn't own the domain so I couldn't update anything on TellForm properly even having admin status on the repo. So I did the next best thing that OpenSource lets us do!
    Is this software uses encryption?
    Hi, I am unable to deploy the app to Heruko
    this looks lovely but http://admin.tellform.com/#!/signup doesn't work :-/
    Thibault Molleman
    Hey, just quickly wanted to give you guys a headsup that the examples on the website don't work anymore
    Limitless Visuals
    Hey Everyone can this be used in squarespace

    Hiya, the examples seem to be down, is that going to be fixed soon or are there any other live ones available?

    (btw. the website menu doesn't open on mobile)

    Antonio Cucciniello
    Hey guys from my understanding should I be using Ohmyforms as it is a more secure version of Tellform? Or am I wrong?
    Hello guys, i'm newbie using tellform. Can someone help me with a little doubts?
    How do I sign up?
    Seems pretty stupid to have more than a page selling me on the benefits of tellform, and then hide the signup button.
    Ahmad Mughal
    why i cannot open your demo
    @samadiftikhar770 have a look at the github repository for this project as it's been renamed to OhMyForm for future releases.
    I install tellform using docker
    is there is any user id and password
    Does TellForm support one time passwords?
    willard shoko
    Good day, on the tellform.com when i try to click on examples i get a page not found error
    tellform.com website*
    Monish Basaniwal
    hello i am having an error with Heroku, whenever i deploy it shows application error on finishing can anyone help, plus i can access the admin page, connection timed out please help
    Monish Basaniwal
    @jasan-s mine deploys but when i go the app it says error