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    Georg Curnutt
    I am really just checking this out. I do not want waste your guys' time with dumb qustions. Just kinda thinking and leaving tracks as to where my thoughts are taking me. With Dart some time ago a Dart Guru showed me some tricks that rivaled the C++ Magicians and even Commander Pike in the Go world would be impressed. I am still mesmerized with Kibana for ELK, and wondering how we are going to be able to visualize all that is going on in Tersorflow and other massive Data and my Spider Senses tell me to stick close to Dart. So like when I was looking into OpenCV I was put off some by the Intel Zoo stuff and thought I would rather point OpenCV into Tensorflow and everything Google leaving the Intel stuff behind. Then I get sidetracked with things like ROSE from LLNL; would it not be real nice that everybody could just Code in what works best for them and have all that spun through ROSE into one Common Language. Just dreaming you guys. Just hoping to be set up for when I have a good question, to be in the right place to drop it. I need to find a niche' too or face starvation. So trying to find a landing zone where my dreams might have some practical applications that might pay for an Uber ride to the Food Bank. Thanks.