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Repo info

For the code

import  tensorflow as tf

y_N= tf.Variable([1., 2., 3.],name="dd")
cost = -tf.reduce_mean(input_tensor=tf.reduce_sum(input_tensor=tf.math.log(y_N), axis=0))


train_step = tf.keras.optimizers.Adam(0.5).minimize(loss, var_list=[y_N])

I got error

ValueError: No gradients provided for any variable: ['dd:0'].

How to resolve it?

Nynesh Reddy Gujjula


I am a Master's student at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola currently working on my Thesis- "Practices and advantages of submitting images in OSS project feedback."

As a part of this research, we are conducting Survey to get an opinion from the developer's side regarding the feedback received from the users for OSS projects. This survey aims to find the extent to which the characteristics of these images influence the developers in understanding the feedback received. The link to the Survey is provided here: https://lnkd.in/em_YVbC

The total time required to complete the Survey is approximately 15 minutes.

academic #research #opensource #survey #feedback #OSS #FOSS #bugreport #featurerequest #software #requirements #researchers #developer


I was working with bert to encode strings, used uncased 768 A-12 model. I guess its not performing well, I mean, look at what I found...
x = "The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the physical universe"

y = "Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock"
These two sentence has cosine score of [[0.7106109]]
I mean, is is something wrong with the model, or something I am doing wrong?

Hi, I'm a beginner in python and Tensorflow. I'm interested in AI and machine learning. I have done some introductory courses online on ML. I want to participate in GSoC 2021. I know the basics of python and github, but I'm unable to decide what to do next to get into open source development or how to contribute to the community. Can anyone guide me to resources/tips to get better at development and contibuting to the community?
Harshith MohanKumar
Hey @Sudheeradh! I replied to your message on google groups but I thought I'd add a few more things here. Go through open issues on the TensorFlow repo labeled as good first issue and start contributing to them. It is the best and fastest way to familiarize yourself with the codebase! Goodluck :)
@Harsh188 Thank you. I'll look into it, after I've completed the course.
Kritika Parmar
Hey guys! This is Kritika.. I'm interested in ML. And have done some contributions to opensource I'm a beginner rn.. I want to participate in GSOC , but not aware of how to contribute to this community Can anyone guide me ?
Sheikh Inzamam
Greetings everyone! this is Sheikh Inzamam, currently doing masters of Data Science at Monash University. Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence - these are my field of interest. Being a data science student, I really love taking the help of Tensorflow building the models and I am really interested if somehow I can be of use of the community by my contribution. Basically, I am new to open source but I have solid knowledge on Python. Now, I need a bit of your help in guiding me on how to start my open-source contribution for Tensoflow. Please help....
hi everyone, this is rishi and I have similar doubts as the people above. I am a beginner and want to get started with opensource contribution. I too have done a deep learning specialization on coursera but want to know how things work in the real coding world. Really looking forward for some reply. Thanks.
Hi everyone, this is Vishwanath currently pursuing my undergraduate in CSE 3rd year. I'm presently working in ML and CV field. I'm beginner in tensorflow and i want to participate in GSoC 2021. So can someone guide me in looking forward for GSoC.
Swarup Ghosh

Hey @akashnd look into these links, if you could get started with working on any of these issues (whichever you feel would be a good fit for you)

@vishwanath63 @rishishounak @Sheikh-Inzamam @kritikaparmar-programmer @Sudheeradh


Hey @akashnd look into these links, if you could get started with working on any of these issues (whichever you feel would be a good fit for you)

@vishwanath63 @rishishounak @Sheikh-Inzamam @kritikaparmar-programmer @Sudheeradh

Thankyou sir
Hi everyone i am Vishesh Mittal i am comfortable with c,python and Supervised learning and a beginner in deep learning domain is their something i can contribute to.
Rahul Karmakar
Hi Everyone, I am Rahul Karmakar from India I would like to contribute on the project https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow. Can anyone guide me through the code of conduct and beginner issues
Hi everyone, I am Yashwant, I am comfortable with C++, Python, Java and have been using Tensorflow 2.0 for developing many of my deep learning projects. I am new to open source if anyone can guide me in the process it would be of great help
Hi everyone,I am Arshay Avasthi ,I would like to contribute on the Improvements to TensorBoard front-end project .I need a bit of your help in guiding me on how to start my open-source contribution for Tensoflow. Please guide me through the process
Hi can anyone please recommend opensource ML model to convert Chinese Speech to English text ?
Harsh Gupta
Does anyone know.. How to train faster rcnn on google colab? For vedios..?
Hi everyone, I am Saanidhya Vats (a deep learning enthusiast). I want to contribute for this amazing community. It would be helpful if someone could guide me on where to start.
hello everyone , I am junaid and I have just completed a bunch of courses for deep learning with tensorflow and now want to start contributing to tensorflow in order to participate in GSoC . It would be great if anyone can point in me in the right direction.
Corey Cole
Does anyone know much about registering custom operators in TFLite using the C API? I've asked on stack overflow here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64706198/register-custom-operator-in-tensorflow-lite-c-api
hello everyone. Could you please help me with contributing to tensorflow. please help me to get started.
Saif Ul Islam
Hi, @Uday-kiran007 ! Check out the guidelines here, https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute. Good luck!
Abhishek Singh
Hello everyone , I am Abhishek (a deep learning enthusiast), I am comfortable with C/C++, Python , I need a bit of guidance about how to contribute to the open source
Saif Ul Islam
@Abhi-ai1 , the first-contributions repository is a good place to start, https://github.com/firstcontributions/first-contributions, after that, look and google for beginner isuess, you'll find really easy ones as well to make you comfortable.
Shivam Sourav Jha
Warm Regards to everyone, I am Shivam Sourav Jha, I want to contribute to the community, I have seen the regulations and have contributed to the external repos, I intend to contribute via DL and ML. I've seen a few GSOC projects like (https://github.com/Vishal-V/GSoC-TensorFlow-2020) where research papers were implemented. I've seen a few research papers and wanna know if and how I can start converting them for the TF community. Also if possible could any of the mentors guide about how to contribute.

hey @Aryaman2912, the first step would be brush up your basic deeplearning concepts ( have knowledge of DNN, CNN, RNN, LSTM ).
after that, I would suggest you to start the tensorflow-in-practice course available on deeplearning.ai (COURSERA).

I've done that, made few projects, and worked on modeling a few anime GANs.

Hello Everyone!
My name is Vividha. I am a third-year computer science and engineering student interested in ML and AI.
I have used TensorFlow extensively in my projects and have also contributed a small change in the official repo that I encountered while having an issue that I raised. Therefore I want to contribute to TensorFlow to go forward in my journey of open source development.
I am comfortable with C++ and Python. I have implemented deep learning models from research papers and have also used the pre-trained models from the library for my projects. I have also gone through the GSOC student projects where the students have contributed to a lot of aspects such as improving the datasets library, implementing research papers, using different languages and frameworks to increase the compatibility and support usage of the library, different pipelines to increase efficiency and lot more amazing things.
Since there are so many aspects that I can contribute to, it would be really helpful if any of the mentors could guide me from where should I start contributing and how should I get started with it!
Saif Ul Islam
That sounds amazing, @V2dha , trying to do the same, but I haven't gotten the exact right time. I'll try to follow a similar path when my summers start. Thanks!
All the best @Rubix982! I am still learning though especially about open source development and contributions!
Kiran Khanna
Hello Everyone
Nice to meet everyone , I am Kiran Khanna from India , I am a second-year B.Tech Computer Science with AI student . I have started learning TensorFlow .
Hello Everyone! I am Aarya. I have fair experience in open source contribution. I completed this year's HacktoberFest and am looking forward to be more active in Open Source. I am highly interested in MAchine Learning and Deep Learning and I am using tensorflow from quite a time now. I have had done an internship with the role of Python developer in ML. I want to make some valuable contributions on one of the project mentioned in the list of projects. Can anyone guide me where can i make the contributions?
Muhammad Asim
Hello everyone, I am Asim. I have been working with tensorflow for quite sometime, but now I want to contribute to it. Anyone here who can guide me in getting started with contributing to thks organization. Thanks :)
Priyam Gutpa
Hi, I would love to contribute to Tensorflow, and also take part in GSoC 2021. Can any mentor guide on where to start contributing meanwhile ? I have a decent knowledge of tensorflow and have been using it since 6 months and would love to contribute to it.
same here
Deepak S
Hello, Everyone I would like to work with tensorflow.
please, guide me through this
Hello everyone my name is kabir kedia. I am relatively new to tensorflow and open-soyrced development but I'd like to contribute to it now so if someone could help me get started it'd be really helpful
thanks in advance :)
Hi everyone, I am Ghanshyam Singh Moyal sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I am having a fair experience with machine learning and tensorflow and would like to contribute to it
Agnim Agarwal
Hi everyone! My name is Agnim Agarwal. I'm a current freshman at the California Institute of Technology with a background in machine learning, bioinformatics, and medical imaging. Interested in GSOC 2021 and looking for next steps in my application!
Hello , I am Utkarsh from Bit Mesra pursuing B.Tech in Computer science & engineering.I have keen interest in open source projects & I am very eager to contribute to tensorflow/skflow projects and participate in GSOC 2021.I am fully motivated ,enthusiastic and hard working person.My specialities include quickly learning new skills , problem solving, application development .I am also an Android app developer & ML developer.So I request mentors to please guide me .I will surely give my best.Thank you.
Hi everyone, I am Rohit. I have created many ML/DL models in tensorflow and I want to contribute to open source.
Hello everyone, my name is Saurav Pawar, and I am a sophomore at Pune University, India, currently pursuing my Bachelor's of engineering. I have a good knowledge of Python, keen interest in artificial intelligence and deep learning, and also, I am a desperate machine learning enthusiast. I also have knowledge about various ML algorithms ( regression, clustering, decision tree, KNN, etc ). I would like to contribute to skflow on various projects and I would highly appreciate on any guidance on how to get started.
Hello Everyone!
I am here to learn and explore tensorflow