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Mustansir Kapasi
Hi everyone, I am Mustansir Kapasi, I am comfortable with C++, Python, Java and have been using Tensorflow 2.0 for developing many of my deep learning projects. I am new to open source if anyone can guide me in the process it would be of great help
Aditya Nikhil
Hey @atreyamaj , I would love to hear your ideas. Like to share them?!
Atreya Majumdar
Hey @AdityaNikhil , so while contributing to existing TF issues, I was thinking of maybe having an implementation of Capsule Networks and Visual Transformers integrated with tf.keras
Do you think this project is feasible?
I'm going through a few more papers to see if we can come up with something else as well!
Kinda similar to importing a model like ResNet50 for example though tf.keras.applications, however it's likely that more input parameters will have to be provided here
Aditya Nikhil
Well I think it's a great idea @atreyamaj. It is feasible, we can integrate with tf models. Let me know how do you plan to do it, I'd love to collaborate.
Atreya Majumdar
Awesome! I'm a bit new to open-source so it would be amazing if you could tell me how the dev process for models normally goes here!
Aditya Nikhil
Hey @atreyamaj, sorry for the late reply. Check this page for research paper code contribution, https://github.com/tensorflow/models/wiki/Research-paper-code-contribution
Aditya Nikhil
In meantime, I'm experimenting tf models my self and trying to fix issues.
Hi everyone! I'm Primesh. I love working in the field of DL and computer vision. I've been using TF extensively for the past 2 years and would like to grow my experience further by becoming a part of the TF community. I have just started to contribute to TF/models.
Shivaditya Meduri
Hi, I am Shiva and I want to contribute to TensorFlow. After making some changes to fix issues in Tensorflow, how do I run the latest tensorflow version from my gitbash while importing tensorflow, When I tried to check the changes in my local computer to see if it fixes the issue, the compiler is always using the stock tensorflow and not incorporating my changes. I would appreciate some tips to solve this issue
Hello everyone,I'm Mudassar I want to contribute to tensorflow.Can anyone guide which are the best issues to solve for the begineer's,so that I can contribute to tensorflow
kartikey rawat
Hello everyone, I am Kartikey Rawat and I am Open Source and ML Enthusiast and I am really want to contribute in tensorflow.js and even I am also advocating tensorflow.js through my speaker session love to be a part of this community
Mustansir Kapasi
Hello everyone and welcome to this Gitter channel of tensorflow! lets see how our contribution helps in the tensorflow repo.
Rohan Raj
Hello everyone, I had some doubts about Convert Tensorflow DL examples to JAX / Flax / Haiku. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hello, I am looking forward to contribute for the project tensorflow model. Are there are any mentors I can contact with?
how shall i contact the mentors ?
Harshit Verma
Hello, the community! I'm Harshit Verma. I had participated in GSoC'20, where I worked on a C++ project under SCoReLab, and this summer I'm looking forward to work on this incredible project.
Haris Wang
Hello, I am a college student from Sichuan University in China, and I want to apply for GSOC2021. But my college was in the “Supplement No. 4 to Part 744 - ENTITY LIST” by BIS. Will it affect my application?
Drishti Bhasin
Hello, I am Drishti and I will be applying for the upcoming round of Outreachy. I am a sophomore at IIT Roorkee, India and am passionate about ML while being skilled in matlab and python. Hence I would like to contribute to the project 'Create examples for JAX (a new open-source ML library' which seems interesting and suitable for my skillset. Could you please let me know who the mentor for this project this?
Hello Everyone, I am Srikeshram B, A
College Student and I am an ML and DL enthusiastic looking forward to work in GSoC 2021. I would like to contribute to Tensorflow Model Garden. I am very happy to be part of this great community. Will anybody please tell me about contacting mentors for this project?
Mihai Maruseac
this is supposed to be TF
though unofficail
for the official TF discussion forum, head over to https://discuss.tensorflow.org/invites/uHDy1giW7c
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Anurag Dwivedi
Hello everyone,I'm Anurag I want to contribute to tensorflowand I am Open Source and ML Enthusiast.Can anyone guide which are the best issues to solve for the begineer's,so that I can contribute to tensorflow.
Ahmed Amine Ben Abdallah
@mihaimaruseac Hello , please can you send me an invite code to the official TF discussion forum ?
Hello everyone, I'm Om, a SE student from Mumbai University. I would like to contribute to Tensorflow and upskill myself in domains that are at this stage new to me. I'm thrilled to be a part of this community.
How to install tensorflow to ARM32 Windows Platform?
Is there any solution for the problem?
Hey everyone, may I know if there is any mentor for the paper implementation of "MoCo: Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning" on (tensorflow/models#8708).
Pranav Khurana
Hey Everyone, I am Pranav Khurana. I am an open source and ML enthusiast. Can someone please guide me where to start from. I am also looking for GSOC 2022.
John F. Davis
@PKhurana09 every week I host a workshop at 10am EST on GCP, 11am EST on AWS. I've tensorflow pre 2.0 with tf.estimator and some keras post 2.0. Right now for my aws workshop I am working on mxnet. Similar to TF. look me up at rtp-aws.org and rtp-gcp.org. The about pages has the various links for slack, meeting , calendar invite yadda yadda
Arpit Kumar Singh
Hey everyone, I'm a new open source enthusiast, I came across TensorFlow's GSoC2022 project list and took interest in some projects. Where can I send my proposal for review before submitting it to GSoC page??
Gargi vipat
Hello everyone, I am Gargi Vipat . I'm new to open source and ml. Can anyone please guide me on how can I contribute to open source as a begginer?
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