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    anyway I was wandering if you were aware that terminus is very demanding on dwm.exe in windows
    so I don't know if I should do a issue about that?
    It's not the case at the start but dwm.exe become increasingly higher over time
    Hi, I'm new to the whole GitHub thing, and I need this terminal for a class. How do I actually run it on windows 10?
    Nevermind, I was trying to run the source code instead of running the actual release. I figured it out now, thank you.
    Is it just me or does the title replacer not work?
    I have this sequence: \t — \pid — \cmd ← \scmd [\pid]
    But it's not replacing anything except the \scmd
    Hi. new to Terminus. was exploring the ssh plugin, and I'm curious if there is a way to get it to use an ssh-agent for private key authentication, so it doesn't prompt for my pass phrase each time?
    Oh i see the code does look for a running pageant.exe running, which I do have running but terminus doesn't appear to be asking it for keys.
    i have some quesion about terminus
    after run wsl tab i alweys get wird tab name like path to wsl c:\Windows\System etx
    and open wrong folder
    open windows home but shall linux wsl home
    Is there any way to hide the port forwarding reveal button (ellipses?)?
    Or just remove the port forwarding stuff from the main coding window altogether? I don't need to tweak this stuff or be aware of it.
    Andrew Thomas
    anyone know if there's any solution to timers ending up on a new line instead of counting in the line like they're suppose to
    Hey, anyone know how to transfer files over SSH in terminus like drag & drop?
    @bernastoc yes - you can hide any part of the interface with custom CSS (via Settings)
    @yellowamongus Terminus doesn't support SFTP, but you can use Zmodem (sz/rz) for quick transfers
    does terminus on windows with wsl not support color schemes?

    Add some pluging and today it doesn't start correctly.

    Does anyone know the solution and procedure to this problem?

    Hi, i can't able to install the theams from plugins
    please help me


    can you help me with this feature

    Hi all, I'm a new user and I have a couple of issues.
    1 - I'm unable to run tmux, it says it's not a terminal and 2 - is there a way to set the proxy to retrieve plug-ins?
    Anurag Chandra
    Hey guys
    Thanks for the wonderful terminal
    quick question
    once i select a theme
    i dont see the font colors change
    i am sshing and then running "screen"
    also - when i click the + sign , can it default to ssh instead of others ?
    Anurag Chandra
    anybody here who can answer ?
    is there a way to add something like 'open terminus here' to the windows context menu?
    Clarence Washington
    @anuragschandra_twitter In settings on the Appearance tab scroll down to terminal background and select "From Color Scheme"
    @xphoenixd Did you run the installer or extract a zip file? I believe if you run the setup.exe installer it will configure that by default.
    hi i have a problem with terminus
    is it possible to save the commands and the directory you currently in every time i close or open the terminal?
    Nguyen Tri Tam
    Hi, how i can logging via Telnet port?
    Could we get an option to set a wallpaper?
    András-Szabó István
    hello there folks!
    thank you for the awesome work <3
    I just wanted to ask, is it possible, or will be possible to sync + export/import in the future?
    Thanks @pitylee , there's no way to sync atm, but you can export and import the config file (which also includes SSH hosts etc):