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    Austin Warren
    what version are you running?
    the window becomes transparent
    Austin Warren
    can you show me a screenshot
    and the debug output (settings -> enable developer console)
    when it occurs again I will take a screenshot, I will debug 1seg
    "Could not resize xterm Error: This API does not accept floating point numbers"
    Austin Warren
    and thats the output you see when you get this issue?
    internal/process/warning.js:23 (node:17544) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usability issues. Please use the Buffer.alloc(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from() methods instead.
    I will try to simulate the error again and I collect the logs correctly and pass here
    Austin Warren
    okay perfect, that would atleast help us try and figure out what's going on
    there's also a few open issues on https://github.com/Eugeny/terminus/issues which you could take a look through and see if there's already an issue created for what you're describing
    if there is, just give it a +1 and add any information you've found that may be helpful to us.
    ok perfect
    Rodney Solomon
    Hi. Is there a way to save open tabs or does it do that automatically when you close the program?
    Austin Warren
    It's supposed to save tabs when you close the program right now but there's a little issue with it that it doesn't always remember all of the tabs. It's a work in progress but should get resolved soon.
    hello, how do I get my terminal prompt to look like https://github.com/Eugeny/terminus/raw/master/docs/readme.png ?
    the background colors and the arrows
    guys, when I copy and paste, my content is getting the initial and finals with '0~', any way to change?
    example: my content -> nmon_linuxx86
    when I copy/paste -> 0~nmon_linux_x86_1~
    this inside the terminal, not from the outside to him
    Johannes Conen
    Hey guys, before I open any issues/feature requests for these, I wanted to ask here, maybe there are already solutions for that:
    1.) Is it possible to have Terminus open directly into a tab with a terminal instead of the welcome screen?
    2.) In the SSH connection screen, I expect to navigate through saved connections with my arrow up/down keys and then just press enter to connect. This doesn't seem to be the case for me and I have to use the mouse to click on a saved connection to connect to it. Is there a solution for that?
    Zoltan Kochan
    I just found this awesome project.
    Do the author or the project have a twitter account that I can follow?
    Guilherme Damascena Assis Almeida

    Hello guys,

    I tried to download the latest version of terminus .exe, but every day I came to this page. Can anyone help me?

    Guilherme Damascena Assis Almeida
    Sorry guys, It was a DNS error, I managed to fix it
    hello word
    I have using for little bug have problem : when open file with nano or vi the text superpose
    and not clean screen
    How can I add this feature?
    Now I have just this without background
    HEy guys, i am pretty new to linux and i am trying to install terminus. Can anyone please direct me on how to? I am using the latest version of kali linux
    @Holenvik this might be oh my zsh
    Hey i'm taking a linux class, and i have a user host and port for the training enviroment. What's the right syntax?
    I got it resolved
    Sagar Suresh Panchal
    Got this error after restarting the Terminus in Win 10
    Tom Berchenbriter
    can I type to multiple tabs in terminus?
    also Id like to open all shell's in a certain folder if possible
    iterm2 equiv, would be itermocil xyzenv >> command,shift,i
    Bauke Brenninkmeijer
    Hey guys, how do I use the connections in the terminal? For example I have an ssh connection called testserver. How would you use this connection?
    Sven Dawitz
    After installing ARCH in WSL, I just had to get a decent terminal, and found this wonderful thing. I like what I see so far
    question probably asked many times: how do you fix cursor keys? and all the other special keys. its not really a terminus problem, since the same isnt working in powershell, cmd, etc. But still, I hope you can help
    to be more exact, cursor left+right, backspace do not work in shell (tested bash and fish), but DO work in vim
    Sven Dawitz
    nevermind. turns out, it was my WSL install, due to wrong file permissions. its not connected to terminus at all.
    Claire Wang
    is there a autocmplete thing?
    agent forwarding doesn't works