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Termux Gitter/Discord
Rutex > Go to termux app settings >> Battery saver >> no restriction.
@kcubeterm#0000 already did
Rutex I left termux for the night with the necessary scripts working with wake lock , and in the morning it was turned off.
Rutex all the settings to limit the use and save the battery and the startup I was billed correctly. However, this did not help...
Rutex thats why i asking. maybe here some tricks to know or i forgot something
Termux Gitter/Discord
satriabadakbiru > English please
@Ravener Bot developer badge?
satriabadakbiru > hes and IRC/Gitter user
@Бoб [Evangelism Task Force] Oww
Hey its me lol
Termux Gitter/Discord
Ravener @satriabadakbiru what?
Termux Gitter/Discord
satriabadakbiru Nothing.
Termux Gitter/Discord
Бoб [Evangelism Task Force] :GWlulurdWaitWhat:
Need hardware acceleration
hubahuba satriabadakbiru (Gitter): heyy
I have installed the Termux application on my Android device and started Mosquitto server and was able to connect my Android phones using MQTT protocol. I am able to see my Android app getting connected on the Mosquitto server but when I am publishing a topic , I dont see any messages on the Mosquitto server.
Did anyone face a similar issue ?
Hi, I am a beginner self-taught programmer, are there people here who will help me develop in this direction? My Instagram .home..boy._
Krishna Kanhaiya
@chiranjibbanerjee it must be problem in your client, try another app.
Or you can publish and subscribe topic in termux itself.
mosquitto_sub -t "MY_TOPIC and publish via mosquitto_pub -m "MESSAGE_HERE" -t "MY_TOPIC
Someone help me to fix my external storage location?
lol 'setstorage'
hubahuba God-knows-all (Gitter): don't forget to pwd
Someone help me fix installing kali nethunter in termux after i have even downloaded it's imgne "kali-arm64" using chrome manually using link from termux
Ronoaldo Pereira
Hello there!
I have an open issue about building a cgo binary inside termux on my phone. Baiscally, trying to use tesseract from a go program.
Ronoaldo Pereira
Issue is #5946
Ronoaldo Pereira
Fixed! Thanks @xeffyr for your help! Had to modify the lib I was using but it worked nicely.
Alexander Abraham
New programming language I am working on:
Should also work on Termux.
If anybody wants to contribute, feel free to do so. :)
New to Android - has anyone run into "apk signature verification failed" while trying to run this app on virtual device (Nexus 7 api version 22)?
Leonid Pliushch

api version 22

Minimal supported api is 24.

I'll retry

Minimal supported api is 24.

I tried on 24; still no luck. Based on what I found on Google, it looks like I have not configured something properly, but I'm unable to figure out what that is as of yet. Any help is much appreciated.

كيف اهكر اي شبكة واي فاي
اريد تعلم الهاكر
Leonid Pliushch
@3shour جميع المناقشات حول اختراق شبكات wifi غير مسموح بها هنا.
i downloaded from F-Droid the Termux emulator but when i download metasploit writes this error: E: Sub-process data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/dpkg
i do it from android 81...can somebody help?
hi! just installed termux on my 6.0.1 android phone, and im a bit inexperienced with general cli-based things, is there anything of interest that you guys recommend me to get? anything you find useful, or whatever?
i had also seen on the wiki that they had dropped support for android 6?
Stanley Davis
Hi, in my continued study of Bash and Perl, I am required to use a database, so I installed MariaDB. Following the Termux Wiki for MySQL/MariaDB, setting the password for 'root'@'localhost' does not seem possible, nor is it possible to start the database server with mysql -u root or mysql -u $(whoami). The error message ERROR 2002 (HY000) ... consistently appears. My solution: $ mysqld_safe -> start New Session -> mysql -> at database prompt: ALTER USER 'UID'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'MY_PASSWORD'; -> quit session, stop and restart database server (Ctrl-Z, mysqld_safe), access database: mysql -p [enter] enter password:
My questions are, is it possible to set a password for 'root' user and is it possible to start the database server and access the database in THE SAME SESSION?