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Repo info
    Toby Ho
    hello there!
    Ihor Pavlenko

    Hi Toby! I find testem a great tool! But I met the case when using hardcoded path like C:\Windows\Temp here and may cause the issue with user rights to create files in Windows directory. So I added the new option to be able to configurate this in command line options. You can review this and I can pull this improvement to your repo if you are interested in this option.

    But you can just return use process.env.TEMP || 'C:\\Windows\\Temp' here or something similar to point to user temporary directory.

    Kind regards,

    André Alçada Padez
    hi, everyone. I've been using testem in my company and at home, it is awesome!
    i have a question though: is there anyway to load remote scripts in the configuration? like:
       "src_files": [
    Toby Ho
    @andrepadez no there isn't a straightforward way to do it because I want to discourage this practice for the sake of your own testing experience.
    Having external dependencies could slow down your test suite make you suscectible to changes in the remote resources and will make your test suite un-runnable offline.
    André Alçada Padez
    you are totally right, i know :smile: this would be an internal stuff to band-aid something that's already not ideal. Anyway, i need this to load compiled versions of internal modules, so i'll probably use grunt to download them first. Thanks a lot though, keep up the awesome work
    André Alçada Padez
    Hy @airportyh , i'm looking for some help with testem, are you around?
    basically, i need to make it work with browserify common-js modules, and i'm not sure what is the best flow
    Right now, I'm running browserify to compile the tests, and run testem on the compiled tests
    but i'm not sure of the best way to keep the flow, when i update a test for compiling them again on saving the file before re-running the tests
    i hope this is clear enough, thanks a bunch
    Alexandra Brysiewicz
    I've read that testem and browserstack have known issues when using both, but I was wondering what it would take to alleviate this. I have issues with testem running in CI and though browserstack shows completed, not disconnecting and returning that tests passed. Is this an issue with testem or browserstack?
    Hi i am using testem with webpack ,tape, and chrome the tests work but on error the report shows only the raw js code instead of the code from the source maps, and nothing in the js console , so i cant click on a specific line and have chrome open the right file, how do i fix this ?
    Jean-Marcel Belmont
    Garrick Cheung
    Hello! Is anyone familiar with how to pass env variables to phantomjs in testem configuration?