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    michal_h21 Hi all, this is a chat room for tex4ht, TeX to XML converter
    Michal Hoftich
    I am testing the Gitter bridge
    Matteo Gamboz
    thank for the chat room :)
    michal_h21 Matteo Gamboz (Gitter) welcome, nice to see you :)
    michal_h21 Today I've spent several hours figuring where is the code responsible for loading of the .4ht files for required packages.
    michal_h21 It is not placed in tex4ht.sty or in latex.4ht, but it is in cond4ht.4ht, which is included in the output formats.
    michal_h21 I've updated the package inclusion code to support the \input@path, which enables to add additional directories where LaTeX packages are looked up. I hope it don't break anythink.
    michal_h21 I've fixed one issue that was quite mysterious to me: that all monospaced fonts were smaller than surrounding text. Now I found an answer: http://code.iamkate.com/html-and-css/fixing-browsers-broken-monospace-font-handling/
    michal_h21 So I've updated the htf files and configurations for HTML. The updates should be in TL soon, hopefully.