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Repo info

    I was able to tweak it in order generate the right query,

    owner() {
        // return this.belongsTo('User', 'buyerId', 'id') .through("Items"), 'id', 'orderId')
        const relation = this.belongsTo('User', 'buyerId', 'id') .through("Items"), 'id', 'orderId')
        relation.relatedData.throughIdAttribute = 'orderId'
        return relation

    But unfortunately, its not returning owner info/record.

    Georgy Shabunin
    hi, is it possible to use bookshelf with oracle db?

    I have some issue with fetching related models of a model.
    The model definition is this:

            tableName: 'variation_score',
            variations: function() {

    And I would like to fetch the variation later in my code like this:

    new app.models.VariationScore({id: variationScore.id})
                    .fetch({withRelated:{variations: function (qb) { qb.column('name') }}})
                    .then(viariationScoreWithVariations=> {

    But the related models are not fetched correctly. Any ideas how to do it?

    I also tried:

    .fetch({withRelated: 'variations'})
    .fetch({withRelated: ['variations']})

    But also don't work.

    Oli Lalonde
    What's the recommended way to store data on models that shouldn't be persisted?
    directly as a property?
    How use where …in in bookshelf ?
    Georgy Shabunin
    @tomoat should be where('column_name', 'in', ['stuff1', 'yo'])
    or .query((qb) => qb.whereIn('column_name', ['stuff1', 'stuff2']))
    Georgy Shabunin
    Does anyone know how to deal with the following problem. I eager load related models using withRelated in fetch, and it works perfectly - thanks bookshelf/knex team. My question is how can I eager load only certain relations, instead of all. Example case: I need to fetch an Author with only his latest published Book. Using .fetch(withRelated: [{ books: (qb) => qb.max('publish_date') }] ) will run .max on all of the Books tables, but I need max value between those related to that Author.
    or for example how can I limit the amount of eager loaded relations?
    Jason Shin
    Guys, when you are using jsonb field, is it possible to set some required properties of the json object through bookshelf?

    for example, when you are inserting a new row on a table with a jsonb field,
    I'd like to make it mandatory for each jsonb to have

      a: string,
      b: int,


    or would you just normalize it to multiple tables? (i really like jsonb though)
    Salvador López Mendoza
    Hi guys
    Salvador López Mendoza
      coordinates: st.point(-99.133208, 19.432608)
    }).save().then((result) => {
    It returns
    Raw {
       Client_PG {
          { client: 'pg',
            connection: [Object],
            migrations: [Object],
            seeds: [Object] },
         connectionSettings: { database: 'wizelingo_api_development' },
          PG {
            domain: null,
            _events: {},
            _eventsCount: 0,
            _maxListeners: undefined,
            defaults: [Object],
            Client: [Object],
            Query: [Object],
            Pool: [Object],
            _pools: [],
            Connection: [Object],
            types: [Object],
            native: [Getter] },
         __cid: 'client0',
          Pool {
            _factory: [Object],
            _inUseObjects: [Array],
            _draining: false,
            _waitingClients: [Object],
            _availableObjects: [Array],
            _asyncTestObjects: [],
            _count: 3,
            _removeIdleTimer: [Object],
            _removeIdleScheduled: true },
          Raw {
            client: [Circular],
            sql: 'DEFAULT',
            bindings: undefined,
            _wrappedBefore: undefined,
            _wrappedAfter: undefined,
            _debug: undefined },
          { start: [Function],
            query: [Function],
            'query-error': [Function],
            'query-response': [Function] },
         _eventsCount: 4,
         makeKnex: [Function: makeKnex],
         version: '9.6.2' },
      sql: 'ST_Point(?, ?)',
      bindings: [ -99.133208, 19.432608 ],
      _wrappedBefore: undefined,
      _wrappedAfter: undefined,
      _debug: undefined }
    Shouldn't the model be populated with the result of the insertion?
    Cory Simmons
    Is it possible to do a hasOne through with Bookshelf?
    RYeah Sh
    Hi, i really like bookshelf, but i think the documentation is very poor
    you would say i should do PR prob but i am still learning, and the examples are not intuitive and so clear what each method purpose is, i needed to google "bookshelf tutorial" examples etc to find.
    anyway i am not complaining i am just saying that its a shame because it looks very well structured but not so many real world examples
    Leonardo Silveira
    Hi everyone, please take a look at my new article comparing bookshelf with other ORM's: https://sombriks.com.br/#/blog/0011-about-jpa-sequelize-and-bookshelf.md
    Hey Hey, Anybody here?
    Adil Osama Rasheed
    Hello All
    awfully quite here
    Ali Dalal

    Hi all,
    question, can I pluck many to many relation when I eager load using withRelated?

    example: let's say I have a many-to-many relation between books and students
    what I need to do I want to return a list of students including an array of ids only

    name: 'student_name1',
    books: [1,2,3,4,5]
    name: 'student_name2',
    books: [5,6,7]
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