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    Dũng Trần
    @JuanGuerrero1980 : I mean that a API can return both JSONArray and JSONObject. How do we handle for all these case ?
    For example: I call this API : www.example.com/getlist?access_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    If the access_token is valid, it will return an JSONArray. Otherwise, it will return an error message in JSONObject format.
    Rishabh Agrawal
    Hey everyone, need a little help with a project.
    Question: How to draw objects over Camera stream preview on a TextureView and record the video stream with objects?
    Stackoverflow link: https://goo.gl/a4F8Pw
    Guokun Hou
    Mohamed Fadel
    hello everyone
    laurent bernabé
    Hi everyone :)
    Hello, I am new to Android and asking a stupid question if any one can help me, I want to send a custom array list from one activity to another, the data is taken from user, I want that data to be shown on another activity, how to do this ??
    you can use intent and put extra
    this is like the best place ever lol
    @ideasonchip you can send a bundle over along with your data, using intent putextra as @dalibouz mentioned
    i'm downloading gitter for this ;-;
    is there like a irc channel
    I need everyone's help on how I can become a good developer pls
    November Hnin
    rohit jain
    any one please help me
    i want to develop login authentication without using api
    That will be sqlite.
    Hi, can any one help me to find a good reference to learning how to implement mvp architecture in android project? A good one please.
    That was like an hell the time I want to start MVP but now I use it in all project follow the steps here
    This api source to create a crytocurrency app in MVP way
    I think with all this you can understand it
    Yashas Reddy

    Hi, I am facing some difficult regarding the security of the application I am building.
    This question is directed towards people who are familiar with Parse Server.

    Let's say I am building a social networking app (an Android app to be precise) and there is a feature about 'friend requests'. This is how I have planned to implement it: I have a Parse Class called "FriendRequests" and each user has a record/document in that class. The class contains just two columns: 1) The userID 2) A ParseRelation containing a list of the all other users who have requested to be this user's friend.

    The problem I am facing is how to properly secure the FriendRequests Class. I want to design it in such a way that only the user can view and edit his record to determine the friend requests he has received. I can do this by setting the ACL permission. But if i do this, how can other users be added to this user's friend requests ParseRelation. Hope you get what I am saying.

    It would be of great help if someone could guide me about how I solve this problem.

    I wish I could help.. But I think things will be easy with firebase dude
    I will like to share some idea with Any developer if interested mail me at akoniorira123@gmail.com or drop your email thanks .#androidiscool
    Yashas Reddy
    Sure thing
    Gia Huy

    Hi everyone.
    This is my first post on the group so if i have any mistake, i hope all you can ignore :)

    Okay, now i want to develop a simple application can get real location my android phone (approximate) and send the cordinate to a simple server that i build.
    Time interval is about 1 minute for each of sending.
    When i enter (My phone) a pre-defined area then my server can detect it and do some action i want.
    So what should i do or what reference that i can refer to in this context ?



    Hi Girls and Guys, does any one have any experience with Coding bootcamps in general or, in my case, Android Coding Bootcamp?
    Oren Bochman
    I'd like an example of using SimpleCursorAdaptor , how do we use the from and too fields
    Hello everyone, please this is urgent , I need help in decideing about database in my android application the description of the application is as the following : An interactive learning Android application to teach kids programming with python. The app includs 5 levels each level contains number of lessons with intrtactive exercises and feedbacks to the child's answer. After the child finishes all the lessons in the level , he will take a quiz which contains some questions and hints . According to the child's answers the score of him will be updated so he can unlock the next level . After the child unlocks all the levels he will be given a certificate of excellence.
    My questions are : 1-Do I have to store the content of the lessons in the DB or its better to write it directly in the code ? each level may contain up to 10 lessons as maximum .and the lesson is only one or two interfaces but it can be in the form of text , image or video . 2-Is it better to have a registration or not ? 3-if I need a DB , what should I store in , and what is the best type I should choose ? Thank you .
    Hello, is anyone experienced in Android App Development? I really need help with my Math FlashCard App
    Why there are no answers?Is this channel active?
    Send me a mail at akoniorira123@gmail.com
    What is the problem!?
    At the moment i just want to know how does the chat work.. and how do users get help
    What issue are you having?
    @shorog 1 store it in dB use (room) 2 the user needs to be registered so that you can keep track of the progress 3 store all the questions in dB and store images in internal storage but their url in your dB
    @dullerthandull_twitter what is the math flashcard app about?