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    November Hnin
    rohit jain
    any one please help me
    i want to develop login authentication without using api
    That will be sqlite.
    Hi, can any one help me to find a good reference to learning how to implement mvp architecture in android project? A good one please.
    That was like an hell the time I want to start MVP but now I use it in all project follow the steps here
    This api source to create a crytocurrency app in MVP way
    I think with all this you can understand it
    Yashas Reddy

    Hi, I am facing some difficult regarding the security of the application I am building.
    This question is directed towards people who are familiar with Parse Server.

    Let's say I am building a social networking app (an Android app to be precise) and there is a feature about 'friend requests'. This is how I have planned to implement it: I have a Parse Class called "FriendRequests" and each user has a record/document in that class. The class contains just two columns: 1) The userID 2) A ParseRelation containing a list of the all other users who have requested to be this user's friend.

    The problem I am facing is how to properly secure the FriendRequests Class. I want to design it in such a way that only the user can view and edit his record to determine the friend requests he has received. I can do this by setting the ACL permission. But if i do this, how can other users be added to this user's friend requests ParseRelation. Hope you get what I am saying.

    It would be of great help if someone could guide me about how I solve this problem.

    I wish I could help.. But I think things will be easy with firebase dude
    I will like to share some idea with Any developer if interested mail me at akoniorira123@gmail.com or drop your email thanks .#androidiscool
    Yashas Reddy
    Sure thing
    Bùi Huy

    Hi everyone.
    This is my first post on the group so if i have any mistake, i hope all you can ignore :)

    Okay, now i want to develop a simple application can get real location my android phone (approximate) and send the cordinate to a simple server that i build.
    Time interval is about 1 minute for each of sending.
    When i enter (My phone) a pre-defined area then my server can detect it and do some action i want.
    So what should i do or what reference that i can refer to in this context ?



    Hi Girls and Guys, does any one have any experience with Coding bootcamps in general or, in my case, Android Coding Bootcamp?
    Oren Bochman
    I'd like an example of using SimpleCursorAdaptor , how do we use the from and too fields
    Hello everyone, please this is urgent , I need help in decideing about database in my android application the description of the application is as the following : An interactive learning Android application to teach kids programming with python. The app includs 5 levels each level contains number of lessons with intrtactive exercises and feedbacks to the child's answer. After the child finishes all the lessons in the level , he will take a quiz which contains some questions and hints . According to the child's answers the score of him will be updated so he can unlock the next level . After the child unlocks all the levels he will be given a certificate of excellence.
    My questions are : 1-Do I have to store the content of the lessons in the DB or its better to write it directly in the code ? each level may contain up to 10 lessons as maximum .and the lesson is only one or two interfaces but it can be in the form of text , image or video . 2-Is it better to have a registration or not ? 3-if I need a DB , what should I store in , and what is the best type I should choose ? Thank you .
    1 reply
    Hello, is anyone experienced in Android App Development? I really need help with my Math FlashCard App
    Why there are no answers?Is this channel active?
    Send me a mail at akoniorira123@gmail.com
    What is the problem!?
    At the moment i just want to know how does the chat work.. and how do users get help
    What issue are you having?
    @shorog 1 store it in dB use (room) 2 the user needs to be registered so that you can keep track of the progress 3 store all the questions in dB and store images in internal storage but their url in your dB
    @dullerthandull_twitter what is the math flashcard app about?
    nassar ali
    hi :
    nassar ali
    I developer prodect image but number images more 50 images
    I need support multi screen
    what the best solve
    1-using one Image high resolution drawable-xxxhdpi and using Glide to resize auto ...
    2- using one image for all resolutions drawable-hdpi .... drawable-xxxhdpi
    but size app will be large
    what best method please help me
    I developer app android for display prodect image ( book ...) but number images more 50 images
    I need support multi screen
    what the best solve
    1-using one Image high resolution drawable-xxxhdpi and using Glide to resize auto ...
    2- using one image for all resolutions drawable-hdpi .... drawable-xxxhdpi
    but size app will be large
    what best method please help me
    Mehdi Arman
    Hi Guys!
    im Mehdi , And i Have Question About Android Development
    I Cant Unserstand RecyclerView / ViewHolder / Adapter!
    Hey guys im hew here how are you guys
    Victoria Mobile
    Hi, guys
    Thào A Vảng
    hi everyone. i'm just joined this room. nice to meet everyone
    Hello guys
    Nitish Kafle
    Greetings any guide on how to develop a Blog app with Kotlin, firebase database
    Bhavesh Parmar
    Hey everyone I am beginner here and just started Android development looking forward to work and collaborate and it's really exiting.
    Hello new here I've used to be web developer, but really pasionate with software development as well app development, for me it's so beatiful to enjoy just programming but how to design a good software or app as for android development learning the fundaments base to get a whole idea how to design a good working app.
    Hello everyone...