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Repo info
    The GET/user/issues this interface, I always call you don't succeed, who can tell me what's going on
    Stephen Cremin
    I couldn’t find a list of languages that are supported with syntax highlighting. Interested in Elm, Elixir, GraphQL schemed, etc.
    Perhaps add
    ...that list to iOS App description or in a section of website.
    Hi... I'm probably not the first person to ask this, but, is it possible to edit source files in a repo, using iVim (iOS)?
    Ravinder Jangra
    Unable to build and run solution for ios
    geeting "System.Configuration.ConfigurationException"
    Eliott Hauteclair
    Tim Moth
    Hey folks, where did the Delete Cache in settings go?
    Added 3rd party access refreshed the app, exited, came back - the orgs are in the sidebar and in Events but still can't see them so I'm thinking it is the cache issue but the cache delete option doesn't exist (iOS)
    Was it moved?
    Attila Fehér
    Is there a dark mode? I did not find it in the settings.
    Dillon Buchanan
    @cppguru, there is currently no dark mode. However, there is an open feature request to implement it.
    Attila Fehér
    Any way to access azuredevops repos?
    Sophie L
    How do i edit files?
    Curious why accept all certificates for any outgoing connection. Sounds like a security issue
    Damn that apple was good...... did i miss something.......thanks buddy your app is amazing.........
    Sophie L
    @Allyn69 any idea how you edit files using codehub
    Dillon Buchanan
    @Rexogamer, if you go to a repository, click "Source", navigate to a file you want to edit, then, in the top right, click the "Action" button (the square with an arrow), there will be an option to "Edit"
    @bruno-garcia because Enterprise deployments may be setup with self-signed certificates I turned off certification validation to allow users to interact with their deployments. In the future, it would be better for the user to have to explicitly add the certificate as an exception into CodeHub but when I when I wrote that I feared the extra hurdle, which other GitHub apps didn't have, would piss people off.
    Bruno Garcia
    Would it mean that a user could send their credentials to the wrong server? Like github.com's to a MITM instance?
    Perhaps a dialog open if the cert fails, shows details and offers to ignore it?
    Sophie L
    @thedillonb are you still developing the app? your last commit was in march
    Sophie L
    leave this room doesn't work
    Is CodeHub still Alice and providing support? I had a feature request to make.
    Sophie L
    It's pretty much dead sadly