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  • Mar 22 2019 08:47
    codexpert assigned #146
  • Mar 22 2019 08:47
    codexpert opened #146
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  • Mar 22 2019 07:59
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  • Mar 22 2019 07:59
    codexpert closed #142
supaket wongkampoo
but after I deploy my custom javascript not work but I found the code in bundle,
Any body Could you please suggest me on this?
Hi everyone!
I've the same problem as @supaket. Any suggestion?
Aleš Fodor
Hi everyone! Im recieving this screenshots from a lot of android phones... what can I do about it?
Andreas Sjöstedt


Hello everyone! I love the onepage plugin, but I am having some problems with fonts. I don't want arial so I'm adding my own copperplate font, but I cannot find anyway to change the font for the entire theme? When I try to enter the codes directly into the titlenames I get problems if there is also a picture (it repeats a part of the title, and ends it with "> anyone knows how to change font

King Rayhan
is onerpager no longer support the current version of wordpress anymore?
Mehyar Sawas
Hello there!
Any one knows how to make the theme work when we open a post in a new page?
Bjørn Inge
i have an issue that the save button just goes in an endless loop when pressed. Any tips?
@bjorniberg_twitter something is wrong in with your dns/server url
@SjostedtAndreas_twitter use the great plugin Use any font
@kingRayhan IDTS
@mehyarsawas_twitter be more specific
Michiel Uijtenhoorn
Hi there,
im new to onepager and my menu in responsive view is with a transparant background, is that changable ?
@michiel_u_twitter use css buddy
Michiel Uijtenhoorn
Ok only via custom css ? I thought maybe via the UI..?
Hi, last week i used onepager without any problem. Just now i tried to edit a text and the fields to do that dont appear
did not change a thing since last week
@michiel_u_twitter well your style.css in the theme child folder or the css used in onepager such as lithium.css
@NagisaSan this is a weird behaviour. You may have changed something without noticing it?!
Franka Baly
I'm using Wordpress version 4.8.1. Are you planning to do an upgrade to support this version?
I dont know if you did something to the plugin, but today i reinstaled it and it's working again
thank you. this is a great plugin and I wouldn't like to use another
@frankabaly_twitter I think they are doing updates on premium userz
@supaket i guess you are using a script file then location has to change
The version of Try Live is not the same version as the version available for download
Hello. Wondering if onepager will disrupt already built pages or if I can apply to only one page on my website?
Mindaugas Jacionis
Hi! One quick question related to development of onepager. I've git cloned the repo and did all the npm/composer/bower installs, now I want to run it locally as a stand alone project and try out some changes in the code(extend some functionality) - i ran gulp command and I see webpack watch running, but cannot seem to find it localhost link(port). Am I misinterpreting this and I can not run it as a standalone package for development purpose without putting it under wordpress?
Hi, I am hoping to find some support with the WordPress pluggin Onepager - One Page Builder. I'm currently on the "Initializing Onepager" page, and gears are just spinning and not loading to edit the page, however the page is viewable online okay. I am using WP version 4.8.2 with Theme Twenty SeventeenVersion: 1.3 ?
Daniel von Deyen
Hello, i need help for onepager. i cant edit the description of a title. it is allwas the description "Build website quickly and efficiently with simple easy to use page builder" in there, even when i delet it.
is there a way to add an empty content block?
Lisa M. Wennekes
Hey there I am using One Pager - the wordpress Version of my System is 4.9, I know it has not been tested with OnePager yet. Everything works well but it is constantly destroying my pricing section. I enter the various information in the pricing section, it saves it but then 5 minutes later it has deleted the information again. Any help?
You are requested to Join our FB group for everything related support and networking https://www.facebook.com/groups/themexpert/ We answer everything on FB.
arif chow
i install one pager
and active
@theRasyid_com_twitter Its fully customisable. Just add a block using php
Onepager @lisaMwennekes_twitter unfortunately onepager is obsolet. U got plenty alternatives anyway.
Kemi Oyesiku
Can I use my site's footer with the onepager page built?
Hi, I'm very new using onepager, I like it. I need to know how I can complete the contact form to add 3 fields... "Name, email and message " to any user can send one email to one email address "info@domain.com" . I tried typing text in "CONTACT FORM SHORTCODE" but it only shows the typed text. May be some one can help me to complete the form code. Thank you!!!!

Now I introduced, for example:

<input label="Name" type="name" required="1">

<input label="Email" type="email" required="1">
... and it shows the fields!!!!

Now I need to know if I really need to use some code like .....

<form action="/action_page.php">
<legend>Personal information:</legend>
First name:<br>
<input type="text" name="firstname">
Last name:<br>
<input type="text" name="lastname" >
Mensaje: <br>
<textarea style="height: 141px; width: 100%" name="Comments" ></textarea>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

... I need to use some action_page.php to send emails to "info@domain.com" ??
Please help! thank you!

Aris Munandar
Hello, anyone can help me to integrate Onepager block with WP Post? i need to display the list of WP Post into standalone page.
Cristina Russo
Hello everybody, I am experiencing issues with the plugin, the pages I built are not responsive so on some devices images look cut, anyone can help me? Many thanks
Can anyone please tell me , how i can create a slider section in onepager ?
Can anyone tell me how I can embed codes using <iframes> ?
Parvez Akther
Hello @/all we are working on OnePager 2.0 with a PRO version. Really excited to release the version.
@webotop v2 is coming :)
Parvez Akther
Hello @/all WPOnepager v2 is here with awesomeness https://wordpress.org/plugins/tx-onepager/