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  • Oct 28 10:41

    jlambe on 2.0.8


  • Oct 28 10:41

    jlambe on 2.0

    Update application version. (compare)

  • Oct 28 10:40

    jlambe on 2.0.8


  • Oct 28 10:38

    jlambe on 2.0.8


  • Oct 28 10:36

    jlambe on 2.0

    Fix media field type stored val… (compare)

  • Oct 28 09:53

    jlambe on 2.0

    Update framework version to 2.0… Merge branch '2.0' of https://g… (compare)

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Julien Lambé
@swaraasolutions No date defined yet. It might take a long time before it is merged back into core. I suggest you look at dedicated plugins like ACF for example if you need some sort of repeater field. Sorry :(
@jlambe thanks fam, it's generated with Sami; the same thing Laravel & Symfony use.
It's really easy to setup, so you could set it up yourself and host it on themosis.com. If you want the config I use just hit me up with a DM.
But it'll be available on my site for a long time :)
I have a daily cronjob setup, so it automatically updates
Has anybody had any issues with cookies being set automatically with the 2.x Themosis? I am seeing a "themosis_session" being set after setting up 2.0, but I have no idea where it is coming from or what it is being used for. It's causing me issues with page caching, and ideally would like to remove it as I don't believe it is being used anywhere?
@mclaurent So I have worked out that this is set in app/config/session however I don't know WHY this would be needed? Is anybody able to shed light on the purpose of this and whether it is safe to remove?
Julien Lambé
@mclaurent The themosis_session cookie is used in order to identify each user session. It's a random value generated by the session package in order to use session in your application for both anonymous users or authenticated ones. If you do not use session in your app, you can remove it.
Hi everybody i have a question about Themosis v2.0 :). I would like to know if is possible to display Field in a metabox depending result from other field?
@jlambe Hello , I can see there's support for handling the translations from the app directory (themosis/framework@5bf32e0), but I did not find an example on how to use that
am I missing something?
@jlambe Thank you - How do I go about removing it? I tried removing the config/session.php but that just caused an error, I think it's linked to the Symfony Request package.. Is there a setting I can set in the session.php to just disable that cookie?
Luke Abell
Hey guys! Long time Themosis user/lover. We're working on upgrading from v1.3 to v2. The only thing we're stuck on is getting routes to work in our theme. I'm registering them just like this but they aren't being honored https://github.com/themosis/theme/blob/master/resources/Providers/RouteServiceProvider.php#L32
Has anybody had any luck TWIGging the wp-activate pages? I.e. when a user account is activated we want that page to be in-brand rather than default WordPress? I think the only way would be using the tempate-parts folder which would then call a Twig template, like below, but that's less than ideal...
echo app('Twig_Environment')->render('partials/global/activate/activate-header.twig')
Maxime Freschard
Hi! I have a few questions before migrating to Themosis:
  • is it possible/recommended to use ACF with Themosis ? (to have Repeater or Flexible fields)
  • i18n: is there an API for localization inside the Framework ? or should I still use the WPML plugin ?
  • when creating a CPT with the PostType class, the post_content metabox/field is not present. Is this normal ? Should I add it manually by adding a custom metabox with a field named post_content ?
    Thanks !
Hey @ligne13 ,
I am using ACF with Themosis and works really well. We're also using the flexible content fields, I think there's a guide on the ACF website on how to write that
i18n - we're also using WPML for this since the ACF-WPML integration works so well
Post types - sorry, I don't know the answer to this :)
Maxime Freschard
@mclaurent thanks for your feedback !
Raphael Pajak
Hi @jlambe what is you deployment workflow?
Hi, i'm new to themosis, i have one question : how to check witch version i have ?
Marc Wieland
Do we have some guidlines how to use Gutenberg Blocks the best within the framework?
Hi! Can we ask support questions here? ^^
Jeremy Nikolic

Hi! Can we ask support questions here? ^^

Hopefully, as I've got one :)

Rob Steuber

Hello, i tried to upgrade the framework for a customer from 1.3 to 2.0 but when i go to the homepage it keeps telling we:

The theme is only compatible with the Themosis framework. Please install the Themosis framework.

I followed the documentation, but i kinda stuck in here. Can someone please help me? Cheers Rob

@jlambe any plans of integrating laravel queues. I have a used case which requires this as cron is something that won't resolve it for me
Hi guys 👋
What password hashing is used ?
Hi every one
i'm installing themosis on my server but before installing wordpress i have an error : host is not found .Please can you help me fixing the issues ?
Hi guys ! How can I retrieve a custom media field url?

hi.. just checking out the bookstore example (but actually just working with Posts rather than books)....

how do I match this archive route please? http://bookstore.dev/firstcategory/secondcategory/

like the post url is fine http://bookstore.dev/firstcategory/secondcategory/hello-world-post , but not the archive

i have to reference http://bookstore.dev/secondcategory currently but i need the parent/child category tree to be on the url

it's using the standard route currently
Route::match(['get', 'post'], 'archive', function ($post, \WP_Query $query) {

something like this?
Route::get('/{category}/{subcategory}', ['post', function (\WP_Query $query, $category, $subcategory) { $query = new \WP_Query(['category_name' => $category.'-'.$subcategory]);
(in the backend my secondcategory would need the unique slug firstcategory-secondcategory)
since i need /firstcategory/secondcategory and anothercategory/secondcategory urls
where the 2 secondcategory instances are different