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All Rooms

11 Rooms 33 People
  • cl-react

    Common Lisp interface to React.js
    4 People
  • let-over-lambda

    Doug Hoyte's "Production" version of macros from Let Over Lambda, ready for ASDF and Quicklisp.
    4 People
  • wolfcoin

    Common Lisp cryptocurrency client, protocol, and wallet
    4 People
  • black-stone

    Specification and Implementation of Quantum Common Lisp, for gate-model quantum computers
    3 People
  • cl-datalog

    A Common Lisp DSL for Datalog: the declarative logic programming language
    3 People
  • cl-datomic

    A Common Lisp Interface to Datomic: the Fully Transactional, Cloud-Ready, Distributed Database
    3 People
  • cl-edn

    Common Lisp serialization library for the EDN format
    3 People
  • cl-jsx

    JSX Compiler for Common Lisp
    3 People
  • bit-smasher

    Common Lisp library for handling bit vectors, bit vector arithmetic, and type conversions.
    2 People
  • cl-cuneiform

    Common Lisp library for handling and parsing unicode Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform signs, and their ASCII and Latin representations
    2 People
  • cl-isaac

    Optimized Common Lisp version of Bob Jenkins' ISAAC-32 and ISAAC-64 algorithms, fast cryptographic random number generators.
    2 People