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Helle, not sure this is the right place to post my question. I have this line in my .vimrc to activate RainBowLevels when I open a TXT file. The problem is once activated it affects all buffers not only the TXT. How to solve this problem? This is my current config: au BufReadPost,BufNewFile *.txt :RainbowLevelsOn
Thiago Alessio Pereira
Hello @arrosbullit that's odd ... I just tried out what you described and it worked as you expect. Would you mind sharing more relevant sections of your ~/.vimrc ?
Hello @thiagoalessio. If the issue is in my configuration then I think I can debug it myself. Thanks for the reply.
travis spangle
Rainbow Levels is not working for me and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. I installed with Pathogen and vim autocompletes the RainbowLevels command so I know it's loaded.
I have turned off syntax highlighting and toggled Rainbowlevels and it still does not work.
travis spangle

If I specify

hi! link RainbowLevel0 Constant
hi! link RainbowLevel1 Type

I will get color changes so it looks like the default colors are not found.