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Repo info
@nschleder * thiagoalessio\TesseractOCR\Command not found
@thiagoalessio Nevermind. Probably namespace stuff I'm not familiar with. I'll figure it out
I am having the same issue as @nschleder. I have tried both including the TesseractOCR.php file, and use thiagoalessio\TesseractOCR. I have also tried running it using exec('tesseract') ect, but nothing happens (it works from Terminal). Is there anything I'm missing?
Hi. I'm using TesseractOCR for php and I'd like to get the 'rotate' number that I can get when I run "tesseract 'file.png' - -psm 0" from the command line (..it detects if the image needs to be rotated). I need to use that number within my php script. Does anyone know if I can do this using the script?
Thiago Alessio Pereira
/all ANOUNCEMENT: Important security fix addressed in version 2.9.3, please make sure y'all update it to stay secure.
Hi - thanks for the great library. Ive been looking through the docs and code but cant seem to find anything about outputting to multiple streams (like PDF and TXT) or re-using the same instance so it doesnt need to process the image more than once?
Hi, I'm new to Tesseract, Got it all setup and working, Id like to know if I can convert image with Monospaced text and columns as a csv file for importing into my db. I can do a text file but it look a bit unusable for a db import.
Hey all! I'm very new to Tesseract, and I intend to use it to convert reports with rows of tabular data into usable text that I can sift through with regex, etc to produce records to insert into a database (I know, probably common). I'm having a hard time figuring out where to start in the learning process. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should research? I'm very unfamiliar with OCR terminology, so I'm even having a hard time Googling how to do things and reading through docs, because even with nearly 10yrs of heavy software experience, the docs are kind of a foreign language to me atm. Any help would be very appreciated!
Here's an example of me tossing a document into it and watching not-so-usable gobbledegook come out the other end, lol: http://admin.ocr.test/ocr
hello, can I host my php code in cpanel and have tesseract installed in my windows and still be able to run it? Because I tried with the explained procedure but I get err The command "tesseract" was not found, while I can still run cmd and tesseract commands fine locally in my cmd
Iip Muhamad Ikbal
can it be ocr by image url?
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'thiagoalessio\TesseractOCR\TesseractOCR' not found in H:\env\htdocs\tesrr\test.php:4 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in H:\env\htdocs\tesrr\test.php on line 4
getting error
am new to tessaract
please help
Mateus Cirino
Robert Eichholtz

Hi, i have a question .. and i wonder why it happens .. i became these error message:

Error! The command did not produce any output.

Generated command:

"tesseract" "/my/path/pdf-5efa072583fb18.61443940.png" "/tmp/ocrLtBUjw" -l deu -psm 0

Returned message:

Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v3.04.01 with Leptonica

has anyone a hint for me? .. thank you :-)

Thiago Alessio Pereira
@eichie have you tried to run that same command directly on the command line to see if shows more helpful error messages?
tesseract /my/path/pdf-5efa072583fb18.61443940.png /tmp/ocrLtBUjw -l deu -psm 0
Robert Eichholtz
yes, the only output are Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v3.04.01 with Leptonica
but the first one i think should be successfull, or? .. and the second are a real error message

tesseract -v

tesseract 3.04.01
libgif 5.1.4 : libjpeg 6b (libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1) : libpng 1.6.28 : libtiff 4.0.8 : zlib 1.2.8 : libwebp 0.5.2 : libopenjp2 2.1.2
Thiago Alessio Pereira
hm ... have you tried with different psm values, such as 3 ? maybe tesseract is not understanding how to read that particular image with psm 0.
oh, and of course ... cat /tmp/ocrLtBUjw.txt after that ... tesseract now supports output directly to stdout, but i'm not sure that is the case for 3.04
Hi all. I am trying to use Tesseract within Laravel. I have a simple setup now, but I get this exception and I am not sure how to fix it:
Method thiagoalessio\TesseractOCR\Command::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught ErrorException: Undefined offset: 1
Thiago Alessio Pereira
@TutanRamon hm, that really looks like an issue ... would you mind filling in this template with more details about your PHP version, etc?
Hi all, I'm using symfony 5.1, Tesseract works fine when the path to image is hard coded like this : $ocr->image('/public/encheres/img_20200612_143224-5efd845f41afc.jpeg'). But when I try to replace the string with a variable like this : $fileName = '/public/encheres/img_20200612_143224-5efd845f41afc.jpeg'; and $ocr->image($fileName); I don't get any response nor error. Would you be so kind and tell me what I did wrong? Thanks*
Thiago Alessio Pereira
@itchytendai can you share the whole code snippet you are using?

Yes of course there is the non working sinppet : /**

 * @Route("/show2/{id}", name="encheres_show2", methods={"GET","POST"})
public function show2(EncheresRepository $encheresRepository, Encheres $enchere): Response
  {  $fileName = '/public/encheres/img_20200612_143224-5efd845f41afc.jpeg'; $ocr = new TesseractOCR(); $ocr->image($fileName);  $coco = $ocr->run();         return $this->render('encheres/show2.html.twig', [  'ocr' =>  $coco,  ]);

//////But with $ocr->image('/public/encheres/img_20200612_143224-5efd845f41afc.jpeg'); it's working properly. Thank you very much.


Hello! Thank you very much for this wrapper. It works really well when I want a .txt file as output. But when I try to get a pdf-file I get the following exception: „Warning: Invalid resolution 0 dpi. Using 70 instead. Estimating resolution as 311“

I am using it with Tesseract 4.1.1 on Clear Linux, PHP Version 7.4 (Laravel).

I know why this exception is thrown, but with this wrapper, I get no resulting document.

When I try the same picture in the terminal on my Mac (same Tesseract Version) I also get the exception but also a usable document.

The code:

public function tessPDF(){
        $ocr = new TesseractOCR();

I would really appreciate any help!


Same problem with an hocr file.

Error! The command did not produce any output. Generated command: "tesseract" "/var/www/storage/app/public/images/VgA2BalDuIH283VAH4CznfzuQbBPauDhM8yaE1JB.jpeg" "/tmp/ocrPyAgbm" -l deu --oem 1 -c "tessedit_char_whitelist=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" --tessdata-dir "/var/www/storage/app/trainingdata" --user-words "/var/www/storage/appfachwoerter.txt" hocr Returned message: read_params_file: Can't open hocr Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v4.0.0 with Leptonica Warning: Invalid resolution 0 dpi. Using 70 instead. Estimating resolution as 1265

Good evening
This Mallappa from india
Hi All I need 1 help how we can use TesseractOCR without installing it via composer
is there any way?
Why because I have application which is not using composer
Ashwini Parihar
Hi @thiagoalessio : I am new in Tesseract.. For image it is working fine at my end..I just want to know, will be applicable for scanned pdf files?
Thiago Alessio Pereira

@pariharashwini i guess pdf is not readable by tesseract 3.x (maybe 4.x already support it)

what you can do is to convert it to TIFF first and then send it to tesseract

Ashwini Parihar
Thanks @thiagoalessio for your quick reply but my requirement is to read 5-6 scanned pdf of 100-200 pages simultaneously. So TIFF option is not workable for me.
Hi @thiagoalessio : I am new in Tesseract.. i like to develop project for mcr red can you help me
Hi, I would like to implement tesseract OCR FOR PHP, i want to fetch via emirate card, any one know what's the perfect procedure?
Hello, I'm new to PHP, is there a way to extract text from an image directly? Or is the only way using the path? Because I get a base64 and then I decode it into the original image, and put it into a variable
It just simple use composer to install it
but first install Tesseract OCR, version 3.02 or later. according your OS
Can we use Tesseract OCR to fetch data from PDF file because it just supporting images file