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    Maximo Solis
    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time filtering data on a TS chart. It doesn't matter which kind of combination or conditions I use all data is removed when the filter is applied.
    It seems simple, its a number type of value. I have tried to follow the "Advance Filtering" video tutorial but it does not work, even with the demo samples from thingsboard. Could someone give me a hand with that? Thanks!
    abhinav singwal
    Hi Everyone, I have a question ! I wanna calculate sum of last 12 hours of telemetry data using rule engine. Can anyone tell me that which nodes, I have to use to create the sum of last 12 hours.
    Goran Rodic
    Hi everyone. I have a question regarding State Chart on Thingsboard. I want to show 9 different states, from which all of them are String. Second thing is my input is also String. So that mean, i want to show the real value:
    Right now i have the real value just when i put my arrow on the screen. Any help or suggestion? It would mean a lot.
    Hi all thingsboarders. Does anyone know if there is a size limit to Telemetry JSON kB ? We are tryng to save JSON via http Integration which is 280 kB but is seems the Data Converter isnt processing the msg payload.
    Hi thingsbord community, I need some help and guidance of how to retrieve the past telemetry data stored in things board cloud . I want to able to retrieve the last 7 days or last month data . I want to able to retrieve the data preferably from GUI itself , like from rule chain itself I need to retrieve it.
    1 reply
    @abhinav_singwal_twitter well I also need the answer . I wil share what I did , I used an aggregator stream and then used the sum aggregator function inside it and then also tweaked some other settings and it is working. But the problem in this approach is that you won't get the last 12 hrs every time. What it does is it will try to sum up the values that lie between an interval like 9 am to 8 pm . Then at 8 05 pm the output by the node will be reset to zero . Hope that helps you . 😇
    Hi all, I am facing a issue with things board that the Post gre is dead, can anybody can help me how to resolve this issue? our thingsboard installed in our premises.
    1 reply

    I have this SSL/certificate problem with HAProxy and Let's Encrypt, which is a bit challenging.
    The description comes right below:

    I've installed Thingsboard monolithic architectre with Docker on Ubuntu 20.04.
    Now, I wanted to enable https access using HAProxy and Let's Encrypt certificate, as instructed in the tutorial
    Everything goes well until this command: certbot-certonly --domain your_domain --email your_email
    that throughs the following error: (I changed my real domain for myservernameanddomain)

        Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log
        Plugins selected: Authenticator standalone, Installer None
        Obtaining a new certificate
        Performing the following challenges:
        http-01 challenge for myservernameanddomain
        Waiting for verification...
        Challenge failed for domain myservernameanddomain
        http-01 challenge for myservernameanddomain
        Cleaning up challenges
        Some challenges have failed.
         - The following errors were reported by the server:
           Domain: myservernameanddomain
           Type:   connection
           Detail: Fetching
           Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)

    There is no issue with the firewall. In fact I disabled it to discard any problem related to it.
    I've also checked the access to the server and it has a type A DNS record, so its accesible via DNS. ( but it does not have AAAA record, which I believe is for ipv6, and can't tell if it is part of the problem)

    I would appreciate any help in solving this issue, as I believe it is important to enhance security.
    Thank you !!

    Mauricio Aguilar
    Is it possible to import a dashboard from the API?
    Will Nilges
    Can someone tell me where https://github.com/thingsboard/performance-tests stores its reports to?
    2 replies
    It's undocumented
    Has someone successfully installed TB IoT gateway on Embedded Linux platform?
    1 reply
    hi all
    how are you all?
    1 reply
    i use thingsboard. server is on and started but not work in browser
    the error is "This site can’t be reached"
    Joshua Stephens
    Is it OK to deploy thingsboard as a cluster without using the microservice deployment? Running 2+ monolithic nodes for high availability/scaling is preferable for us than having 2+ of each required microservice
    Hi, i was trying to add multiple selection to an asset admin table widget, but copying the code of alarm widget (wich has multiple selection) is not working,,, any recomends?
    Hi All. Does anyone know what directory location would be best to save Js library on Thingsboard Server for use in custom widgets via Widget Resources ? We are using CDN at the moment but its not loading fast enough and thought it would be better to save the library on local TB server. Any advice gratefully welcome.
    Do any know how to solve the problem of "unable to de-serialize params" in a RPC call?
    Im using the ESP32 Pico Kit GPIO control example and I can´t control the LEDs with the same code
    Shane van Jaarsveldt
    @FrenyPC post the RPC payload for diagnosis
    Does anyone have experience sending data from KPN Portal with MQTT to Thingsboard?
    Ridvan ENİŞ
    Hello I am trying build v3.2.2 code on my local and deploy it an ubuntu server. When I add a component on the rule chain I get the error like above
    Could you please help me?
    The ui is getting expected
    Hello. [TB Gateway] How to can I add custom connection by tcp?
    Tomáš Juřena
    Hello everyone, I am a new ThingsBoard user and I have a generic question about MQTT that I cannot find a definitive answer to in the documentation. Does the ThingsBoard supports MQTT-SN? Thanks for clarifying.
    Hello friends, i am looking for a freelancer with advanced-level of expertise in thingsboard for occasional projects
    Markus Yusuf
    How do I subscribe to telemetry changes for all devices?
    via websocket
    @foolsgold:matrix.org you got some contact info for me?
    Could anybody help me how to find the path of thingsboard-gateway's log?
    1 reply
    Camilo Concha
    Hi how are you someone can help me? I try to connect one unitronic PLC with mqtt to the platform but the PLC don't send the Json format with the key in the message. Only send the value and it fall the connection. Some body know how change the format of the message on platform or how make different topics and only accept the value? Thanks you very much for all!!! 😃
    Bilel MRAD
    Hey All, we have upgraded thingsboard from v2.4 to v3.2.2 deployed on k8s we noticed a hight consumption (cpu & memory) on tb-node . Any explanation .
    It is a repo for a Thingsboard v.3.2.2 load test ?
    theFool: Yeah, I find it, thanks for your help😁
    np, it's a great piece of software :)
    although when I used it with AWS IOT via MQTT connector, I had some explainable drops from time to time.
    anyone know how to use QR Scan action and Device Claiming widget ?
    1 reply
    In this example: https://thingsboard.io/docs/samples/esp32/gpio-control-pico-kit-dht22-sensor/ . Any knows why i cant turn off the leds?
    Im with esp32 in arduino and i only can turn on the LEDs, but not turn off