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Ah - I think I found a potential reason, due to trying to save asynchronously.
Nope, that didn't fix it :S
Bill Baker
Implementing a AccessTokenType.Reference, Client Credential Flow, IdSrv3. I have requirement to track/log every token issued. I hooked into the IEventService and inspected the AccessTokenIssuedDetails but can't seen the Token Issued. Is this possible?
José Augusto Guimarães
Hi all, I just started IdentityServer3.Samples AapNet5 and what username and password should i use for the first login?
Lutando Ngqakaza
Have a look in Users.cs
José Augusto Guimarães
Thank You! :)
Lutando Ngqakaza
no worries
Richard Bennett
@Bartmax if the assumption is that you want 1 SSO provider, you create the single SSO site, and then make each of your 4 applications become a client of the SSO provider.
What is the recommended way to allow users to do self local user registration?
david m chinn
hi; when trying to compile the samples, a number of them fail with... "'IdentityServer3.Core.Models.Client' does not contain a definition for 'AllowAccessTokensViaBrowser" ... can i just comment these references out? is there another property that has replaced this?
david m chinn
oh!! never mind... this must be something recently fixed; just did a pull and all is well.
david m chinn
We have an application where by we'd like to use multiple (two, to be exact) identityservers to authenticate. Can anyone point me to docs or samples to accomplish this?
Is this the gitter channel to use for questions about v4?
Lutando Ngqakaza
There is a gitter channel for v4
search IdentityServer4
Hello...I have this error that keeps coming up whenever someone is not Authorized instead of a normal UnAuthorized HTTP Response.
Server cannot set status after HTTP headers have been sent.
Hi guys have anyone a suggestion on how to do a loadtest on your site when using thinktecture to validate users. We would like to simulate a few hundred users logging into our our site using thinktecture. We have been looking into loadcomplete and other programs. In most of these programs you record a scenario e.g. logging in to our site using thinktecture, however we are not able to do it automated.
Lutando Ngqakaza
Selenium and PhantomJS are a start
we have tried selenium and we use it for our system testing e.g. scheduled test however we cant simulate that many users with selenium it breaks down and cries fr mama
Lutando Ngqakaza
Pedro Alicea
On the authentication options, whats the default signinmessagethreshold limit?
Cristian Eriomenco
Hi guys, I'm having hard time Deserializing ClaimsPrincipal its empty..... anybody came across this issue before? (Using Newtonsoft.Json)
Hi all