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Ted Martin
So basically they are admitting that the suite is broken... hmm... this is discouraging http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42376328/how-to-get-bourbon-neat-bitters-refills-to-work-together
Elijah Shepard
Has anyone found docs for v5.0?
@etmartinkazoo its just out of date i was able to get them working though just got to use your own initative to modify it to get it to work i guess
Tyson Gach
@elijahshepard_twitter Here are the docs for 5.0: http://bourbon.netlify.com/docs/latest/
@dandgerson @ItsaPerryBob The strikethrough means that feature is deprecated and will be removed in 5.0.
Tyson Gach
@etmartinkazoo We are re-thinking Refills. You can follow the new version here: http://refills.netlify.com/
If you are rethinking things are you going to base everything on autoprefixer? Seems like it's becoming more standard now that a build system can handle the browser syntax
Like. I'm considering either neat or susy just for the span mixin and trying to do everything in flexbox now
probably has been asked lots of times but why is nearly every useful thing deprecated in 5.0? what's even the point of using this if they are taking everything out and why would they do that?
@tysongach is the navigatuion in the latest docs meant to be floating/sticky? :>
Steve N
hey guys I noticed almost everything is deprecated is there a newer version I should be using?
Tyson Gach
@riccoski Not yet, but it will be.
@zurie Yes, we are no longer prefixing in any of our libraries. There are better tools for that (like Autoprefixer, as you mentioned).
@chrickso You can read more about that here: thoughtbot/bourbon#702. Nearly all the removals are just prefixing features. You can view the 5.0 docs to see how much as not been removed: http://bourbon.netlify.com/docs/latest/.
@stevenicholls_twitter 5.0 is in a stable beta, you could use that. New docs are here: http://bourbon.netlify.com/docs/latest/
Alright. I found the answer to the deprecation problem ... I'm migrating over to bourbon from compass, since it's not being maintained anymore. Is bourbon still being maintained for the foreseeable future?
alex vasquez
Hi @ciel, Bourbon is, indeed, still maintained. In fact, the next major release is in Beta. The team also recently updated their simple grid system, Neat, to 2.0.
alex vasquez
Since pixel to rem is getting removed, is there a recommendation for replacing? I've found some functions that can be put to use, but I'd like to know what you folks here think about a good replacement. =)
Thanks, @alexjvasquez! I just integrated Bourbon 5 beta into my project!
alex vasquez
Attempting the same now.
I did it with webpack. It's pretty simple. I'm enjoying it greatly already!
alex vasquez
I've been using Bourbon for a WordPress starter theme and now I'm going through and updating a few things that have changed. Bourbon is pretty rad. Those damn thoughtbotters are cool af. =)
how do i install the atest 5.0 version?
I'm trying to use Bourbon/Neat to design my own portfolio page, but Codepen is complaining about some mixins not existing
Joseph Tosi
How do you go about upgrading Bourbon on an existing project? How do you decide if it’s necessary or worth the effort?
Hey guys. I've created a repository showing how to use Bourbon with isolated CSS modules, Angular, and webpack with BEM methodology. Here it is if anyone wants to try it. https://github.com/ciel/webpack-css-modules-bem-angular
It was originally created for another purpose but I keep seeing people ask how to work with Bourbon 5
alex vasquez
@j-tosi - It's not that hard actually to upgrade. The biggest change is the removal of mixins that added prefixing ie 'transition' and 'animation.' Just use the CSS you already know instead for those deprecated items. The team believes it's better to use another tool such as gulp/grunt (or similar) to do autoprefixing for you. That said, totally worth updating.

Hello community,

we are looking for a Frontend developer (REMOTE).

Your tasks:

  1. Implementing frontends with the latest HTML5 / CSS3 standards.
  2. Work in existing front-end projects.
  3. You will build new views and functions.
  4. The best code counts, your ideas and your knowledge will completely influence large projects.
  5. You will work in an extremely agile development process, with daily releases.

Your profile:

  1. Passionate developer with frontend experience.
  2. Usually knowledge in Javascript or PHP.
  3. Interest in the latest technologies, e.g. Slim, HAML, SASS, LESS, Bourbon, Compass, or Bootstrap.
  4. You have already implemented projects.
  5. You like working with the latest browser standards
  6. You learn quickly, think analytically and solve problems.
  7. You like working in dynamic teams.

If you are interested, please contact me. Long-term project at least 1 year.

Hello everybody, i 've a problem with @import bourbon
when I import the sass file which is located into gulp/node_module/bourbon
the gulp command outputs that the file isn't readable
File to import not found or unreadable: bourbon
I use gulp sass ==> includePaths: require('bourbon').includePaths,
do you know where the problem is please?
Most of the mixins are now deprecated in bourbon . Any idea why they have done that
Grant Smith
@paraselixir I'd like to know as well, I've just been using http://simplegrid.io/ instead for the time being. Not as good, but needs must
Really frustrating at the moment. Mixins are gone! Why? Whats the reason? Project stopping? Please let us know we won't waste time. :( Neat also almost empty. bitters yeah what's happen...
Jordan Bartholomew
I have a question i regards to taking skiracing.com and making it a mobile app. Anyone up to the challenge?
sorry, not mobile app, mobile friendly...
Currently we are using bourbon.neat and use bitbucket with git.
I'm a lucky developer ahead of his talents.
Tyson Gach
@paraselixir @Qurus We’re just removing prefixing mixins, and by doing that one thing, it appears like lots of things are getting removed. Read more about this here: thoughtbot/bourbon#702
@tourdejord We (thoughtbot, the people who make Bourbon) are a design and development consultancy. Perhaps we could chat about that project? You can reach me at tyson@thoughtbot.com
Kadu Diógenes
is there anyplace with 5.0 documentation?
Ben Phelps
are there bourbon docs that don’t include all the deprecated things
I'd rather just see what I can actually use instead of a huge list of things I can't
Ben Phelps
@riccoski Fantastic, thanks!
Donovan Dikaio
@riccoski TY!