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Feb 2015
Sarina Canelake
Feb 27 2015 18:18
Hi - we're trying to update Bourbon today, and we updated to 1.7.1, however it looks like this fix - which we need! - isn't included in the gem for 1.7.1
in app/assets/stylesheets/grid/_box-sizing.scss there is still the @include rule which is causing problems
was there a problem with the gem release of 1.7.1? thoughts of maybe doing a new release to 1.7.2 so it can capture the box-sizing fix?
@kaishin fyi ^
Sarina Canelake
Feb 27 2015 18:24
anyway I have to run but I'd love an answer to this. please hit me up, sarina [at] edx [dot] org. Thanks