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Aug 2015
Lachlan Hardy
Aug 25 2015 18:56
Wanted to let y'all know that Neat doesn't show up in Bower search:
I would have gone manual if I hadn't decide to just try it.
Tim Jenkins
Aug 25 2015 20:16
@gin93r whatever elements you're setting "@include outer-container" on, just put the sizing on that. I usually do "width: 96%"
Tyson Gach
Aug 25 2015 20:22
@lachlanhardy Thanks for the heads up! That's strangeā€¦it used to show up just fine. Will look into it!
Tyson Gach
Aug 25 2015 20:28
Running a local bower search (bower search neat) returns the package, right at the top even. Maybe it's an issue with their online search.
I tried re-registering the package and it gave me a duplicate error.