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Feb 2016
Ryan Watters
Feb 11 2016 00:15
Question to one/all: what are the future plans for Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters? Are all these projects being actively maintained? As a front-end newb, I can't see how much these libraries are going to improve, with the exception of, eg, dropping outdated syntax for mixins like flexbox (ie, removing vendor prefixes). Is there a roadmap for these libraries to eventually include future syntaxes (eg, similar to essnext, postcss, yada, yada, yada)? Cheers all around. These libraries are freakin' awesome.
Joseph Tosi
Feb 11 2016 01:04
I second @rdwatters question and emotion. :)
JP DeVries
Feb 11 2016 16:10
I’m curious myself if Neat plans to work with the new Grid Layout spec that has been prorposed, or if it is even deemed necessary. Neat really comes in handy by making it more approachable to lay things out with floats. Question is, do the new specs for things like flexbox need helper utils? I think that is an interesting question but I lean towards yes, they still will.