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Jan 2015
Jason Wittenbach
Jan 27 2015 16:36 UTC
Right now returns a Series with the index set to the string 'performance'. However, if multiple features are used, the underlying RDD will have an array of performance values. I'm thinking it would be best of set the index to be a list of lists, with each element denoting the features used (i.e. the featureSet variable that is passed to the fit function). Sound legit?
Jeremy Freeman
Jan 27 2015 16:37 UTC
Sounds reasonable to me!
good catch
Jason Wittenbach
Jan 27 2015 16:40 UTC
Excellent. With that fix and the one for Series.percentile(), all unit tests pass with the new Series.index getter/setter methods. Any future code that tries to create a Series with a wacky index should cause an error. I'll push the final changes for the setter with those corrections to the PR and it should be good to go.