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Mar 2015
Davis Bennett
Mar 17 2015 04:55
@tomsains looks like exportAsPngs() is calling matplotlib.pyplot.imsave() which does take vmin/vmax as args, but this functionality isnt extended in exportAsPngs()
if you don't want to modify your version of thunder, a short-term solution would be to set two pixels at the edge of your image to the global vmin/vmax in every image frame, thus normalizing across frames. this is ugly but it should work
probably modifying your version of thunder would be a cleaner approach
@freeman-lab @andrewosh either of you guys around? I'm having issues applying my mask via filterOnKeys()
Jeremy Freeman
Mar 17 2015 04:59
or let's just fix thunder itself =) can one of you guys create an issue about this on github? i think requesting that exportAsPngs() take the same arguments as imsave is a reasonable feature
Mar 17 2015 10:23
I have created Issue #136 to address it