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Mar 2015
Jeremy Freeman
Mar 29 2015 01:12
@npyoung that should be eliminated from the docstring, thanks for catching it. There is a fully implemented option to initialize h0, but at least now the nature of the algorithm is such that initializing w0 wouldn't do anything, because the first step is to estimate w given h0, which would just replace w0 with whatever you passed. Is initializing with w0 something that would be particularly useful?
@/all there is a PR open that makes Anaconda the standard Python installation for EC2, may be of interest to many of you using EC2 thunder-project/thunder#144
Alex Williams
Mar 29 2015 03:19
@freeman-lab I might have time to give it a go next weekend. I'll let you know if (i.e. when) I get stuck -- I have very little experience with Docker, but you're right that it appears straightforward.