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Apr 2015
Vijay Mohan K Namboodiri
Apr 04 2015 00:18
Hi @freeman-lab I have been trying pretty hard to get Thunder installed on a Windows machine. I am able to find the thunder commands (thunder, thunder-ec2, thunder-submit and thunder-submit-example) as files without any extension in the Anaconda/Scripts folder following Thunder's installation. But I am not able to run these files. I downloaded a pre-built Spark 1.3.0 for Hadoop 1.X and have set the path to it in an Environment variable SPARK_HOME using Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings-> Advanced->Environment Variables These are all the Windows modifications of the linux commands I could find on the installation documentation. I also tried all of the above with a Spark version that I built on the computer. Neither worked. Is it that Thunder cannot work on Windows or is there something I am missing? Thanks a lot! Vijay